Little Mix Singer, Leigh-Anne Pinnock, Slapped In Face By ‘Raging’ Diner During London Outing

Songstress Leigh-Anne Pinnock of girl group Little Mix has suffered both emotional and literal blows to her life lately.

Early Sunday, the “Shout Out To My Ex” singer, 25, appeared with her group mates — Perrie Edwards, Jade Thirlwall, and Jesy Nelson — in a live-stream interview with lifestyle site, Refinery29. As shared by Daily Mirror, when asked which one activity in life she’d never try again, Pinnock first tried to swerve around answering directly, before unknowingly sharing the truth with Refinery29‘s entire viewing audience.

“Oh, I know exactly what I’d say,” she stated, “but it’s definitely too explicit.”

Despite her coyness, most of the Little Mix ladies seemed to know exactly what Leigh-Anne was hinting at.

“Wow, you know,” Perrie added with a laugh, “I just thought of something as well.”

“I know what you’re thinking,” Thirlwill followed with a knowing smile.

Nelson, however, was pretty much lost in the dust, and leaned toward her Little Mix sister for proper explanation.

“Anal,” Pinnock whispered to a shocked Jesy, who couldn’t help but exclaim, “oh, really?”

“Yeah, never again,” she fired back.

Unbeknownst to Leigh-Anne and Nelson, an unseen overhead mic had captured every facet of their conversation, carrying the tale of her “sex-perimentation” to every woken ear — including Perrie’s.

“Babe, you know there’s a microphone right above your head?”

After a few laughs, the conversation continued on without further hitches, but a violent interaction from November that has just become public was anything but funny for Pinnock.

According to a fellow diner at London’s VQ Restaurant on November 18, the Little Mix singer and a group of friends ended up in a verbal scuffle with a male patron who subsequently smacked Leigh-Anne across the face, leaving the singer in “a pool of tears.”

A witnessed shared with The Sun that an associate of Pinnock’s first found herself yelling at the supposed assaulter over what he perceived to be a cocky attitude from the group of females.

“He kept saying, ‘if my girlfriend was here, you would both feel really intimidated,'” the witness recalled.

little mix
Pinnock takes pictures with Little Mix fans. [Image by John Phillips/Stringer/Getty Images]

Refusing to back down, the friend continued yelling at the angry man, eventually rousing up Leigh-Anne enough to get her involved.

“Leigh-Anne’s friend wasn’t going to let it go,” the witness went on. “She kept saying ‘no I wouldn’t, no I wouldn’t,’ and Leigh-Anne started going, ‘[well], maybe I would, maybe I would.'”

The man apparently then told Pinnock’s pal to “shut up,” which made the singer react once more.

“Leigh-Anne turned around and said, ‘don’t say that to her’ or ‘don’t be rude.'”

That’s when, according to the onlooker, that Leigh-Anne was physically attacked by the male diner.

“He walked around the table, [leaned] into her and gave her a clean slap on the face.”

Other patrons at VQ were said to have been “stunned” by the forceful impact the man put behind the hit, one that caused Leigh-Anne’s hair to become “stuck to her face.”

“She looked completely shocked,” the eyewitness relayed. “She was laughing about it at first, but then she completely broke down, crying. Her friend was comforting her.”

little mix
Pinnock with Little Mix members (L-R) Nelson, Thirlwall, and Edwards. [Image by Tim P. Whitby/Stringer/Getty Images]

Police were called to the scene shortly thereafter, but the rage-filled individual had managed to leave the Bloomsbury restaurant before they arrived. A spokesperson for the Metropolitan Police Service confirmed that they responded to an incident that took place at VQ, but didn’t reveal the names of anyone involved.

“Police were called on Monday, 28 November at around 04:50 hours by a woman who stated that a man had threatened to assault her and had assaulted another woman she was with. The suspect made off prior to police arrival. Officers conducted a search of the area and did not locate the suspect.”

Pinnock and the rest of Little Mix are currently promoting their third album, Glory Days, which was released in mid-November.

[Featured Image by Stuart C. Wilson/Stringer/Getty Images]