Amber Portwood Fed Up With Obnoxious Tweets From Farrah Abraham’s Man, Simon Saran Confident ‘Teen Mom OG’ Star Will Return After Declaring Sudden Exit

Amber Portwood spoke out about the continued tweets from Simon Saran mocking her decision to quit Teen Mom OG. Simon’s tweets come after Farrah Abraham spoke to Us Weekly about Amber threatening a sudden departure from the Teen Mom series. Portwood was busy posting photos of her daughter, Leah, playing with the family cat, while Saran tweeted and retweeted messages about a person who quits and quickly returns to the popular MTV show for money.

In one tweet, Simon wrote, “‘I’m coming back for my fans, not for the money!’ Lol just watch #TeenMomOG #excuses,” eluding to Portwood having an inevitable return to the hit MTV. Simon then retweeted messages that appeared to blast Portwood. In one tweet, Simon said two of his biggest personal pet peeves were lazy people and those who victimize themselves. He concluded the tweet with the hashtag #TeenMomOG and #excuses.

Amber previously announced she was quitting the MTV show due to unfair treatment and because she felt disrespected by Farrah Abraham and her boyfriend at the reunion taping. The 26-year-old took to Twitter to expanded on her decision to part ways with MTV, “Sad to say but I’m not going to be a part of #Teenmomog,” she wrote. “The way I have been portrayed and treated is unfair. @MTV sending all my love.”

amber portwood leaving teen mom og

“If I was treated fairly it wouldn’t be an issue but it’s been nothing but disrespect since the reunion show… Which keeps continuing today. Nothing has been dealt with or has made me feel any safer to even move on with people who have continuously hidden things from the network. The day I’m shown some respect by the people I’ve worked with for 8 years is the day I’ll be back. I’ve sacrificed a lot for this show. @MTV.”

Farrah was confronted by Amber Portwood at the Teen Mom OG reunion taping while she and Simon Saran were being interviewed by Dr. Drew. Previously, Farrah’s boyfriend said that Matt Baier looked like a “pedophile.” During the reunion taping, Abraham interjected and agreed with her boyfriend’s statement. Farrah then said Portwood and Baier don’t have a “sense of humor.”

Portwood became heated after listening to Farrah and Simon nonchalantly talk about her fiance and saying he looks like a predator. This prompted a controversial fight between the co-stars of the hit MTV series. The angry Teen Mom star stormed the main stage and attacked Abraham, according to Us Weekly. This caused Abraham’s father, Michael, to also rush the stage in defense of his daughter. Amber and Matt were escorted off the stage by security.

Following the heated incident, Abraham told Us Weekly that she considered Portwood’s actions to be “criminal.”

On Saturday, a statement was released from Farrah, 25, blasting her co-star and said Amber is totally bluffing in threatening to leave the show. According to US Weekly, Farrah said Amber wouldn’t walk away from the money and fame.

“I’m out of the drama. None of the girls will quit — they like the attention, need the money and their boyfriends need the money too much to quit… I get Amber is embarrassed of her actions, but she flip flops and will be right back to filming. This is dramatic. She can quit and not make it public if she really was done.”

While promoting her many business ventures outside of the reality show, Farrah opened up about the Teen Mom OG reunion and her co-stars to Us Weekly. Farrah wished her castmates well and said she hoped Amber Portwood, Kaitlyn Lowell, and Maci Bookout would figure out “how they find their happy place in life.” Abraham then added she doesn’t enjoy witnessing “other people struggling or being negative.”

Farrah then revealed to Us Weekly that the legal department of MTV agreed that the two are no longer required to work with one another.

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