‘Dance Moms’ Kalani Hilliker Receives Range Rover For 16th Birthday, Kira Wants Daughter To Be ‘Next Maddie?’

Dance Moms star Kalani Hilliker got a Range Rover from her mom Kira Girard for her 16 birthday. The ALDC member got extremely excited after receiving her “dream car.”

In the last episode of Dance Moms Season 7, “Return of the Candy Apples,” Kira Girard surprised her daughter Kalani Hilliker with a new Range Rover for her 16 birthday. As they were prepping for their group routine, “Pretty Reckless,” Kalani’s stepdad Daniel drove by with her new car, adorned with a huge red ribbon on top.

“Kalani is turning 16 and what do most 16 year olds think about? A car. So I’ve arranged a little surprise for Kalani, an early birthday present,” Kira told the cameras.


The Dance Moms stars, including Abby Lee Miller, dropped what they were doing and ran to see Kalani’s new Range Rover.

“I cant believe that I actually got a Range Rover. This is my dream car. I have wanted it forever,” Kalani said.

Her junior elite teammates, especially Kendall Vertes, were thrilled to see Kalani get her own car. Kendall joked about turning Kalani’s new car as ALDC’s new school bus.

“Kalani, shot gun is reserved for me,” she said.

Abby also took this opportunity to remind Kalani that owning a car is a “luxury that can be taken away at any moment.” She added that Kalani should always be responsible behind the wheel as her life can also be taken away in a “split second.”

It has been definitely a good week for Kalani Hilliker and the rest of the junior elite team. For the second week in a row, ALDC beat Cathy Nesbitt-Stein’s Candy Apples. The Dance Moms star pointed out that they all tend to perform better when they’re given routines that they can relate to. With the minis gone, the junior elite team had the opportunity to perform more mature, age appropriate dance numbers.

“I love when we go out there and do dances that we understand and the story is interesting to us because we just play the role so much better when we go onstage. And after we done it, we just feel so good about ourselves,” Kalani said.


In Season 6 of Dance Moms, Abby Lee Miller and the junior elite team had a bit of a falling out. When Abby introduced the minis to the ALDC, the girls and their moms felt that the coach is starting to lose her focus.

Kalani’s mom, Kira, also claimed that her daughter should have been the “next star” now that Maddie Ziegler left the ALDC. But Kalani and the rest of the girls got held back when the minis entered the scene. Seeing that they can no longer rely on Abby, the moms decided to hire a different choreographer last season.

“She brought you away from your families out to LA for other opportunities and failed to do her job,” she told the junior elites.

Just like her mom, Kalani Hilliker also felt also felt frustrated at Abby. The Dance Moms star felt that Abby wasn’t doing the best she can to help the junior elites win.

“It does hurt knowing that Abby isn’t as invested as she should be anymore. She says she wants us to win but deep down inside it kinda feels like she doesn’t want us to win, like I’m not playing these games anymore. Do you only want us here because it helps you but you’re not gonna help us back?”

Tell us! Do you think ALDC is better off without the minis? Were you surprised to see Kalani Hilliker’s new Range Rover? Sound off in the comments below.

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