Hillary Clinton’s Holiday Party Earns Morbid Tag: ‘Like A Wake With A Band’

Hillary Clinton’s holiday party was described as anything but festive, but the band played on during a gathering that was reminiscent of a wake. It has only been about a month since Hillary’s election loss and the partygoers behaved more like mourners putting a close friend to rest. That close friend was Hillary Clinton’s bid to the White House that was unexpectedly scooped up by her opponent Donald Trump.

Fox News reports that a source in attendance described the many different partygoers at Hillary’s shindig Thursday night. The list of notable names included VIPs boosters, Hillary’s top advisors and the top-tier donors. Anyone who worked hard for Hillary or who lent their celebrity name to the cause was there. Those who paid dearly in the cash department with hopes of putting Mrs. Clinton in the Oval Office were well represented at her posh, but semi-sad, party.

Hillary held this party to ring in the holidays, but it ended up more like a group therapy session for the licking of battle wounds. The Democrats were out in force and according to Fox “Clinton is apparently not the only Democrat still getting over last month’s elections.” The event was described simply as like attending “a wake with a band,” by the source.

Hillary Clinton threw a party for the holidays and invited her big ticket donors, her advisors and other VIPs, but the party was more like a wake than it was a celebration. [Image by Andrew Harnik/AP Images]

Huma Abedin attended the festivities, which was a surprise as she has been in the headlines recently as the new “scapegoat” for Hillary’s election loss. Last week, the headlines ripped Huma from her newly acquired quiet existence as a single mom navigating the aftermath of Hillary’s ill-fated attempt at the White House.

People from Hillary’s camp blamed Huma for the election loss believing that Clinton’s downfall started the emails that Huma pulled up on her husband’s computer at home. When her husband, Anthony Weiner, was being investigated for his online sexting antics by the FBI, those emails popped up.

Since they were not on a secure server, this sparked a totally separate probe regarding the emails, which led to Hillary’s unsecured at-home server and the rest is history. The finger of blame was reportedly pointed at Huma for pulling up those emails on the computer at home and not at Hillary for setting up the unsecured server in her house, which was against government policy.

This might explain why Huma had become somewhat of an outsider. She hadn’t appeared with Hillary at recent events and outings. Huma was assigned the blame as far as Clinton’s camp was concerned, but something may have changed for her to attended Hillary’s holiday party. This meant she had to walk among the same people who reportedly tagged her with the blame for the election loss.

Hillary Clinton is still struggling with her election loss. She is pointing the finger of blame everywhere else instead of taking on at least some of the responsibility for losing the bid for the White House. [Image byMatt Rourke/AP Images]

Others rubbing elbows and attending to their post-election wounds included two more of Hillary’s advisors besides Huma, John Podesta and Robby Mook. Then there were the Clinton top-tier donors, Robert Zimmerman, Alan Patricof, Marc Lasry, Jay Snyder, and Bernard Schwartz. Designers Vera Wang, Tory Burch, Harvey Weinstein, and Anna Wintour were also in attendance as well as restaurateur Danny Meyer.

Hillary has made it somewhat of a priority recently to get the word out how it was fake news that caused her to lose the election, according to TMZ. Her recent speech at Senator Harry Reid’s going-away event in D.C. included blaming the Internet and the fake news circulating for the election loss. Some found this ironic when a fake news story spun by Clinton was once the talk of the nation, which was her story on the Benghazi Attack boiling down to a video, reminds the Daily Caller.

It seems in Hillary Clinton’s world today she is still in the process of healing. The former Secretary of State doesn’t appear to be at the point yet where she can acknowledge where she went wrong and how her actions played a part in this. She’s still lashing out and pointing the blame away from her. The New York Times reports that Hillary is now claiming Putin had a personal beef with her and because of this, he was behind the hacking that ultimately floated the election Trump’s way.

On Thursday, it appears Hillary was busy spreading the blame around in her speeches. In another speech in front of her donors, she claimed that the hacking orchestrated by Putin and the letter written and released by FBI Director James Comey, were the two “unprecedented events that led to her defeat.” Apparently, there is plenty of blame to go around as on Thursday alone she cited, fake news, Putin’s hacking, and the letter from the director of the FBI as the shared causes of her doomed election. It is understandable why her holiday party became more funeral-like than a celebration with all that negativity floating around the room after getting wind of one of Hillary’s blaming speeches.

[Featured Image by Steve Helber/AP Images]

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