WWE 'Roadblock': Predictions For Sunday Night's Event -- Who Are The Winners And Losers?

The WWE Roadblock event is this Sunday, and it's going to be the last pay-per-view event for the Raw brand this year. And experts from various parts of the WWE fandom and blogosphere are already lodging their predictions ahead of Sunday night's event, and some of their answers may surprise you!

According to Cultured Vultures, the first major WWE Roadblock prediction concerns the fight between Sami Zayn and Braun Strowman. The most underused wrestler in the WWE today and the former Wyatt family member are only on a mid-card match, but it seems as though Sami is only there to boost Strowman's profile as a solo artist, independent of the Wyatt family. Now, Strowman is rumored to be facing off against Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 33, so it's obvious that they're going to promote Strowman even further. This means that Zayn will lose the match and is still being criminally underused at the WWE.

But there are other insiders who are taking a much different approach to what's to come on Sunday night.

According to CBS Local, there are a few different ways that the Chris Jericho and Seth Rollins match could go, as well. As we know, Jericho's beef with Rollins is thanks in no small part to Kevin Owens' beef with Rollins' former Shield stablemate and current frenemy Roman Reigns. For his part, however, Rollins is another criminally underused and underdeveloped fighter on the WWE roster who has always languished in the shadow of The Shield.

But this fight could easily help Rollins finally break out of the shadow of The Shield. While Aaron Oster of Rolling Stone believes that the fight will inevitably go to Y2J, the other two experts on the panel believe that the fight will, in fact, go to Seth Rollins.

The problem with this fight is not what will happen, but where will it go from here. In other words, what's going to happen to the Rollins storyline, regardless of whether he wins? We know that Chris Jericho will continue being besties with Kevin Owens, and they'll be the most endearing team since Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck. But what about Seth Rollins? Is he going for a championship run? Is he reuniting The Shield? Is he going to make hay while Roman Reigns shines? What?

Speaking of Roman Reigns, the WWE Roadblock predictions from Forbes suggest that Reigns will, in fact, take home two titles at the end of event, which will air on the WWE Network in addition to being simulcast on pay-per-view.

But even though Reigns will go down in history as one of the few dual titleholders, there's a question as to how "clean" he will win the fight, even if by disqualification.

"One, Reigns does, in fact, win the title. Two, he loses in cheap fashion. Three, he wins via DQ, which means he does not become Universal Champion. If you've watched WWE long enough, you know that Option No. 3 is the most likely because it keeps things exactly the way they are, which is probably what WWE wants. Because it makes more sense to keep the Universal title on a heel heading into WrestleMania 33, Owens should have the belt until the PPV, which means that Owens vs. Reigns at Roadblock will have some sort of screwy finish that allows Owens to keep the belt while also progressing his angle with Jericho."
Who do you think will win WWE Roadblock? Leave your thoughts about the WWE Roadblock predictions in the comments below.

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