March 22, 2017
Barron Trump Turns 11: Americans Wish Him Happy Birthday

Barron Trump turned 11 on Monday, and many Americans wished him a happy birthday. There was no mention on social media about it by his parents, however. Many on Twitter knew the first son turned 11-years-old and wanted to celebrate.

Whatever Barron did on his special day is unknown since his birthday was celebrated unceremoniously as far as the public knows. While his mother and father didn't write anything on social media about the big day, President Trump did congratulate his older son, Eric Trump, and his wife on Monday via Twitter on their announcement that they're going to have their first baby.

The president and Melania Trump may have opted to keep quiet about Barron's birthday because they didn't want too much attention focused on him by the press. Melania has wished her son a happy birthday on her Twitter account in the past.

Barron Trump hasn't made many public appearances since his father was sworn in as president on January 20, but he was seen as recently as last weekend joining his parents at the White House before flying on Air Force One to Mar-a-Lago. The 11-year-old looked dapper in a navy blue blazer with matching pants and a blue sweater pulled over a white shirt. His hair had a straighter style, instead of the more elaborate one he's known to have.

Observers commented in articles over their disbelief at how tall Barron is for only being 11. Walking alongside his parents, he appears to almost match them in height.

A lot of President Trump fans wished Barron Trump a happy 11th birthday on Twitter. Some of the few are posted here.

Melania did say happy birthday to her son on Twitter on March 20, 2014, when Barron turned 8 -- and did the previous year when he turned 7. There haven't been any tweets for his birthday over the last few years.

Barron Trump will move with his mother to the White House in June after he finishes the school year in New York City. He's been driven to school by the Secret Service every day and has remained out of the spotlight, which is one of his mother's priorities. One of the concerns the first lady had when her husband was elected president was how it would affect their son. She wanted to remain in New York until Barron finishes school because she believed his life was disrupted enough during the presidential campaign.

Last week, Barron's private school was on lockdown for 45 minutes after a bystander called the police over a suspicious looking package outside the building in an old pick-up. The Secret Service and an NYPD bomb squad looked into the situation and deemed it safe after they located the owner of the truck. Little else is known about the alarming incident or if Barron Trump was in the school at the time of the lockdown. A senior from the school talking to the New York Daily News said that during a lockdown drill, the lights are turned off and students are ordered to get under desks or huddle in corners. Some of the students were shaken up by the lockdown. Drills are usually announced by school staff before they're carried out.

Will the public see more of Barron Trump when he moves into the White House?

[Featured Image by Manuel Balce Ceneta/AP Images]