[Hurricane Sandy] ‘Romney’s Storm Tips’ Go Viral On Twitter

Hurricane Sandy has been a huge topic on Twitter this week as the East Coast braces for the storm, and a parody account called “Romney’s Storm Tips” has made light of Mitt Romney’s perceived persona as an out of touch rich guy that wants to get rid of FEMA.

Romney’s FEMA comments have been a hot topic on the microblogging site, and Romney’s Storm Tips is kind of a redux of all the main jokes about Romney’s massive wealth and lack of understanding of middle class folks and their struggle as well as his position on privatizing the Federal Emergency Management Agency, also known as FEMA.

The Romney’s Storm Tips Twitter account calls to mind the “Relatable Romney” meme that was popular early in the election cycle, mocking the candidate’s image and social status.

The account has amassed more than 40,000 followers who are re-tweeting their jokes as well as public service announcements as Hurricane Sandy bears down, and the Romney’s Storm Tips tweets have proven very popular.

Among recent tweets sent from the humor-account are these, poking fun at what a Romney presidency might look like during a national disaster from a liberal perspective:


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