[Hurricane Sandy] Crane Dangling Off Tallest Residential Skyscraper In Manhattan, Evacuations Underway In Midtown

A crane is dangling precariously off a building in Manhattan due to Hurricane Sandy’s pre-storm winds, and users on Twitter have been tweeting images and accounts of the unfolding dangerous situation.

Hurricane Sandy unseated the crane over on West 57th Street in Manhattan, and the Wall Street Journal reports that construction on the site had already been halted ahead of Sandy’s landfall in the area:

“Television images show part of the crane hanging off the luxury building on West 57th Street. No injuries are reported. However, streets have been cleared as a precaution … The call came in around 2:30 p.m. Monday. At the time, according to the National Weather Service, winds in Manhattan were blowing at about 20 mph with gusts up to about 40 mph.”

While the area has been cleared, many curiosity seekers have been snapping pictures of the dangling crane in Manhattan, transfixed by the unusual image of chaos as the city braces for Sandy’s impact.

As the dangling crane in Manhattan story breaks, Piers Morgan and singer Billy Ray Cyrus both tweeted about the unfolding situation in Midtown, saying:

Non-celebs have been tweeting about the felled crane in Manhattan as well, saying:

NBC tweeted:

No injuries have been linked to the Hurricane Sandy crane collapse. Officials say it is not currently possible to reach the crane dangling above Midtown Manhattan.