Elusive “Montauk Monster” spotted, bludgeoned in Panama

Last summer, the “Montauk Monster” pics that circulated the web were cause for much speculation and commentary.

Cryptozoologists nearly wet themselves, some New Yorkers thought it might be a marketing stunt and skeptics said that the dead creature was a decomposed raccoon or possibly an abused dog. (Ties were spotted on the animals paws, leading some to believe the real monster was someone who’d drowned the creature on purpose.) The odd cryptid has surfaced since then (like the chupacabra-sicle in Texas), and now some teenagers in Panama have carried on the “if you can’t identify it, beat it to death” philosophy that does kind of make it difficult to identify strange creatures in the short term.

Central American channel Telemetro has images posted of the strange creature, which shares a pink, rubbery skin texture with the Montauk Monster. Also similar is the weird, Renaissance painting style death pose, although the painful cause of death alleged for this animal is possibly responsible.

Thanks to Google Translate, we can read the boys’ account in their own (sort of) words:

As recounted one of them, they suddenly saw the creature emerging from a cave located behind the water jet. At her appearance and it began to climb over the rocks to one of them panicked and began to thrash him and throw sticks, getting killed, after which they threw into the water and ran.

[Telemetro via Telegraph]

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