Texas man claims to have “frozen” chupacabra

A man in Texas believes (or wants you to believe) that the mythical and elusive chupacabra (a word that breaks down en Espanol to mean “goat sucker” because it allegedly drains livestock of blood) lies in repose in his freezer.

Chupacabras are cryptids, and most scientists classify their existence firmly as urban or local legends. Of course, that doesn’t stop the beasts from cropping up in Mexico, Puerto Rico, Maine and apparently Texas. The man claims the animal wandered into an acquaintance’s barn, and not knowing what the creature was, they decided to poison it- as you do to strange animals or people on your property.

The animal is described as having gray, leathery skin and unusually long front legs. Witnesses claim it is unlike any animal known to be native to Texas, and the man in possession of the alleged chupacabra hopes to display it in a museum one day. As of now, not surprisingly, the frozen animal has not been positively identified as any kind of strange new animal, and existence of chupacabras is still not confirmed.

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