UFO News: Sightings Reported Around Moon’s Surface [Video]

If UFOs and aliens exist, it would certainly stand to reason that they would be flying somewhere near our moon at some point, and now UFO hunters believe that they have strong evidence showing that some UFOs have recently been flying near the surface of the Earth’s moon.

Nature World News reports that alien hunters have seen a strange disc flying near the top of the moon which was captured on video during the December 3 live stream of the lunar surface by the Miami Observatory in Florida. This video has been posted on YouTube by UFOVNI UFO Sightings with a title given of “UFO Crossing the Moon” and has received over 700,000 views to date.

If you watch the video carefully, you can spy a very dark object in the shape of a disc whizzing just past the surface of the moon. Some viewers have said that it may be the “outskirts of a shadow,” but the original poster of the video has said that what some perceive to be just a shadow is actually the shadow of the object itself and has posted instructions for how best to watch the video in order to let viewers make up their own minds about the possible UFO sighting.

Surface of the moon taken from Apollo 16 in 1972
The surface of the moon as seen from Apollo 16 on July 10, 1972. [Image by NASA/Getty Images]

The Daily Mail reports how one extremely staunch UFO enthusiast, Scott C. Waring, described the UFO.

“It’s not a man-made object, because there are not solar panel wings on it to gather energy. There are no antennas on it for transmitting, also the surface is not completely round, but has a rough edge to it. Looks like a bio-mechanically grown UFO.”

This isn’t the first time that UFOs have been thought to fly near the moon. There was a video posted on YouTube in November in which hundreds of UFOs were said to be shooting up into the atmosphere after taking off from the moon.

Of course, there is also the theory going around the internet claiming that aliens have gone so far as to build a launch pad on the Earth’s moon. The moon is filled with numerous craters, but there are some UFO enthusiasts who have gazed at images available from Google Moon and said that at least one of the images shows a launching pad on it. NASA has said that this so-called launching pad is really nothing more than an oddly-shaped crater in reality.


“In the high sun images, the bright craters are more easily seen, but there’s nothing there that is unusual compared to any other areas on the moon.”

However, if you wish to go really far back in time, as far back as 1969, you will find that even then there may or may not have been UFOs shuttling around the moon. The Express describes how alien chasers have analyzed footage from the Apollo 10 mission and have been left stunned after seeing what they believe are a large number of UFOs flying around the surface of the moon.

The video footage from this Apollo 10 mission shows the Icarus crater region of the moon, and in it, you can see “pulsating bright lights” flying fast along the surface of the moon. The video has been placed on YouTube by We Came In Peace and has a handy little blurb to describe the contents of the video for curious viewers.

The Apollo 10 capsule at the Science Museum in London
The capsule used on the Apollo 10 mission, now in the Science Museum in London. UFO hunters have reviewed footage from this mission and claim they see UFOs in it. [Image by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images]

“This video is part of series of original videos from Apollo Missions to the Moon containing footage of unidentified flying objects (UFO). A UFO materializes above the southern skies of lunar far side. It initially moves away from the camera almost to horizon then decides to turn around and head straight to a crater near Icarus, located very close to the camera recording the UFO.”

There is one thing we can be certain of, and that is that with all of the new technology at our disposal today, we may be hearing of many new UFO sightings on the moon as further recordings, both past and new, are analyzed.

[Featured Image by NASA/Getty Images]