Child Suspect, 8, Said To Be Involved In Violent Brooklyn Robbery [Video]

brooklyn robbery

Police in Brooklyn have released imagery of what they say are a foursome of kiddie criminals walking away from a very adult crime sometime last month.

Among the pack, as noted by the New York Post, is an alleged 8-year-old boy; whom the New York Police Department says, along with his friends, brutally assaulted and robbed a 30-year-man on his way home for work.

According to the statement made by the Brooklyn robbery victim, the group of minor miscreants approached him outside of a residence near Willoughby Street in the Fort Greene section and demanded his phone. At some point during the theft, the man was punched and thrown to the ground and had his headphones, laptop bag, and a library book snatched away from him. The quintet then ran north toward Ashland Place before the man lost sight of them.

In the video, the 8-year-old and his older accomplices are seen interacting with one another as they make their way down a crosswalk. The elder three Brooklyn robbery suspects, rumored to be between ages 12-14, stand leaps and bounds taller than their elementary school counterpart. Additionally, one of the older kids is said to actually be a girl. While a female face is tough to make out in the clip, we do see the word “Brooklyn” tagged across the chest of one of the potential criminal’s hoodies.

Along with the video, as shared by FOX 5 News, the NYPD has also publicly offered descriptions of the quartet, which were were relayed by the victim:

  • Female, light complexion, approximately 12-14 years of age, last seen wearing light colored pants and green hooded jacket.
  • Male, dark complexion, approximately 12-14 years of age, black colored sweatshirt with “Brooklyn” in white letters, light colored pants.
  • Male, medium complexion, approximately 12-14 years of age, last seen wearing dark pants and a gray hooded sweatshirt.
  • Male, light complexion, approximately 8-9 years of age, last seen dark colored pants, dark hooded coat.

New York law enforcement officials have asked witnesses to the Brooklyn robbery to contact NYPD’s Crime Stoppers Hotline with any information they may have at 800-577-TIPS. All calls are strictly confidential. The theft victim was said to have incurred light injuries, including facial bruising.

In related news, the girlfriend of an Alaskan teen killed by a friend for supposedly smoking a stash of marijuana remembered her late high-school sweetheart as an “old-fashioned gentleman.”

Palmer native David Grunwald, 16, was beaten and shot to death by his best friend, 16-year-old Erick Almandinger, last month after dropping Victoria Danielle off at her home following a date, according to People. As stated in the court documents, Alamandinger ultimately confessed to police about his part in the crime, which saw him pistol-whipping, then shooting Grunwild as he begged for his life. Erick claimed that he did so because “[David] had smoked all of his weed.”

Victoria relayed to People just recently that although she and David had only been together for about a year, she saw forever in his eyes.

“I’ll never forget the many times he told me he loved me,” she expressed. “He was very old-fashioned in many ways, especially with dating. I was extremely lucky to be introduced to such a gem. He will always be one of my [best] friends.”

Along with Alamandinger, four other teenagers; Devin Peterson, 18, Austin Barrett, 19, and two unnamed minors under the age of 18, were subsequently picked up in connection with Grunwald’s death. Along with a first-degree murder charge, all five additionally face claims of evidence tampering and hindering prosecution in the first degree, kidnapping, and second-degree murder. If found guilty, Almandiger faces a life sentence.

Potential charges against the Brooklyn robbery suspects have yet to made public.

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