No, Rita Ora Has Not Giving Up Singing For A Modeling Career

rita ora not giving up music career

Rita Ora set the record straight when she went on The Wendy Williams Show last week. The fans have been waiting for the follow-up to her 2012 debut album, Ora. The British pop star has had some setbacks with her music career, including a lawsuit with Jay Z’s record label Roc Nation, which she won.

Rita Ora has become more of a fashion fixture. She is the face of Adidas. She also collaborated with them on her capsule collection. Ora also has her other collection with Italian lingerie brand Tezenis. In addition, Ora is known for her provocative photo shoots and her modeling career.

rita ora music career

Wendy Williams wasn’t shy when she tapped Rita Ora as a guest on her daytime talk show. The outspoken host said a year ago, “Who is Rita Ora? Who is this woman?” She even spoke out about the singer earlier this year when Rita was linked to “the Becky with the good hair” controversy sparked by Beyonce’s Lemonade visual album.

“If we don’t know who she is, why do we care what she says?” Williams asked her audience, who didn’t appear to know the answer either.

Ora appeared on Williams’ show to promote her new hosting gig on America’s Next Top Model. On Friday, Dec. 9, she was put in the hot seat when Williams asked her, “Do you care about the singing [thing] anymore?”

Rita Ora didn’t appear to be bothered by the question. In fact, she took it in good stride, as Oxygen pointed out.

“Of course! The thing is, I’ve been in such a hoo-hah with the music that it kind of turned into a thing where I wanted to out-do myself. So, I started to do other things. And why not? You have an empire! That’s what I want to do. Being 26, running America’s Next Top Model, which by the way is one of my favorite shows of all time, I feel like I’m one of the most powerful positions I’ve ever been in in my life.”

Rita gave an excellence response to Wendy’s question. Check out the rest of their somewhat awkward interview below.

However, Ora is still known for her street style looks and provocative fashion. She recently opened up to Vogue about the secrets to her party looks.

“I hate being cold,” she admitted while sitting on a lounge chair at the Mercer hotel, in an off-the-shoulder parka coatdress designed by Acne Studios. Despite her barely-there photo shoots and racy outfits, she would rather be covered up.

“I love layering and I’m a big coat collector,” Ora added. She revealed that her favorite piece is her cow-print Vivienne Westwood topper. To make room for her new wardrobe, Ora said that she is planning a holiday closet detox.

rita or fashion fixture

“I have a lot of clothes I don’t wear anymore, so I always give them to charities like Oxfam.”

Rita said that she doesn’t know what to do for the holidays since she’s hoping to donate most of her party looks.

“I find it so hard to not want to just party and not work for New Year’s. It’s all about figuring out what character I want to be. This New Year’s I might just take it easy.”

So, what kind of low-key look does Ora want to pull?

“A nice pair of Zuhair Murad trousers with a T-shirt,” she said while laughing.

Though Ora is busy hosting ANTM, filming Fifty Shades Darker and Fifty Shades Freed, she has been working on her new album. Ora has been working in the studio on her first album with her new label, Atlantic Records, whom she signed with after her split from Roc Nation, according to her interview with Paper Magazine.

“I’m so happy [to go into the studio] because I can take my extensions out, put my cap on and hibernate in a cave and just make great songs with my label, who is awesome and who has my back.”

While Rita isn’t busy working on her new album, she is focused on her fashion lines. However, that doesn’t mean she’s going to stray from music anytime soon. She just has various passions.

“I like being beautiful, but I like doing it in my way. I think that’s what’s important. Anyone can wear clothes; it’s just about how you wear them and how you inspire people.”

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