Fredrik Eklund Says Connecticut House Has Changed His Mind About Having A Family

Fredrik Eklund is known for being a sales machine in New York City, and he is working hard to sell properties all around New York City. He has been sharing his sales successes on Million Dollar Listing: New York for years and Eklund has even opened up about his personal life. Eklund was excited to announce that he was expecting twins through a surrogate last year, but he revealed that their surrogate had miscarried in September 2015. Since then, Fredrik has been scared of trying to get pregnant once again at the fear of not being able to handle another loss. Instead of pursuing a family, Fredrik and his husband Derek Kaplan bought a home in Roxbury, Connecticut where they could escape on the weekends.

According to a new Bravo report, Fredrik Eklund is now revealing that the massive mansion in Connecticut has really changed his perspective on life and his plans to have a family. This massive home is more a reflection of the family home he may have wanted for a while and his New York apartment. The home has a huge country kitchen, fireplaces throughout the home and a massive yard where his dogs can run around. It’s the perfect home for a child to run around.

“It’s really changed our lives in many ways. I really mean that,” Fredrik Eklund has told Bravo about the home in Connecticut, adding, “We have lived in New York for 13 years and have been working so hard. I’ve been traveling quite a bit and having fun and have had an amazing career, but I think this house has changed everything in the best of ways because it’s given me a break two days a week. Friday afternoon to Sunday night, it makes me put my feet into the grass and hear the birds and breathe that farmer’s air, with fresh dew in the grass.”

Fredrik Eklund is often sharing videos and photos from the home, where he will be spending his Christmas holidays with his husband and family members. The home was something new and exciting for them after their second attempt at IVF failed for them. This was shown on the previous season of Million Dollar Listing: New York and Fredrik was devastated. While Derek was ready for another round of IVF, Fredrik wasn’t ready to go through it all again. Their doctor was encouraging, sharing that it had taken him seven tries before it was a success for him. And maybe Eklund just needed more time, because now he could be open to IVF again.

“I think we found ourselves and one another again in that house,” Fredrik Eklund has revealed, adding, “This dream of having kids is becoming an even bigger dream because of the house because it allows us to have kids in a different kind of way with that house. I didn’t really expect it.”

It sounds like the dream of having a family of his own is getting real to Fredrik, and he could be sharing another round of IVF with the public soon. Maybe he’s keeping this attempt closer to home, as they head back to the doctor. But since the new season of Million Dollar Listing: New York is filming now, it’s possible that he will share his plans with fans when the show returns next year.

“Of course, I fell in love with the house as soon as I saw it,” Fredrik has told Bravo about the first time he saw the home, adding, “I got very emotional, and something connected within me. I didn’t know, but now I know.”

What do you think of Fredrik Eklund’s comments about his Connecticut house? Are you surprised that this home is changing the way he sees starting a family?

[Featured Image by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images]