Michael Moore Warns America ‘Donald Trump Is Gonna Get Us Killed’ [Video]

Back when virtually nobody thought he had a chance against Hillary Clinton, Michael Moore predicted that Donald Trump would win the 2016 election. In July, Moore penned an essay that would, in retrospect, be an uncanny forecast of things to come. Titled, “5 Reasons Why Trump Will Win,” the essay was panned as being “alarmist.” However, it would end up being an accurate prophecy of the 2016 election outcome.

As Vulture reports, in the essay, Michael Moore wrote that Donald Trump would snag an Electoral College victory with the support of the so-called “Rust Belt.” Moore called the move “Our Rust Belt Brexit.”

“I believe Trump is going to focus much of his attention on the four blue states in the rust belt of the upper Great Lakes — Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.”

Michael Moore then laid out precisely how he thought Donald Trump would pull it off.

“In 2012, Mitt Romney lost by 64 electoral votes. Add up the electoral votes cast by Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. It’s 64. All Trump needs to do to win is to carry, as he’s expected to do, the swath of traditional red states from Idaho to Georgia (states that’ll never vote for Hillary Clinton), and then he just needs these four rust belt states. He doesn’t need Florida. He doesn’t need Colorado or Virginia. Just Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. And that will put him over the top. This is how it will happen in November.”

And happen it did, in a sweeping upset that spawned controversial (but ultimately useless) recount efforts in Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Ohio, all states that Donald Trump won by narrow margins. The Rust Belt states were predicted to go to easily to Hillary Clinton.

Fast forward to the current, post-election United States. A nation divided, a nation in turmoil. With less than a week to go before the Electoral College electors cast the official vote for POTUS, Donald Trump doesn’t seem to have it in the bag. Many are threatening to go “faithless” and steal the Electoral College right out from under the president-elect.


The CIA and other intelligence agencies are alleging that Russia hacked and meddled in the 2016 election to put Donald Trump in the White House. President Obama has ordered a full review of the election process, demanding the results in a report before he leaves office in January.

Whats more and perhaps worse, Donald Trump has refused to heed the CIA report, calling rumors of Russian interference in the election little more than a “conspiracy theory.”

Trump even used Twitter to question why Russian hacking in support of his win wasn’t brought up before the election. Unfortunately, it was brought up — by Hillary Clinton in the third debate. It just wasn’t acknowledged widely, and at that point, few beyond Michael Moore thought Trump could pull off a win.

In the midst of everything else, Donald Trump is also refusing to attend daily intelligence briefings. According to a statement he gave to Chris Wallace, the reason is that Trump believes he is a “smart person.”

“I’m, like, a smart person. I don’t have to be told the same thing in the same words every single day for the next eight years…I don’t need that. But I do say, ‘If something should change, let us know.'”

Now, Michael Moore has written another essay. An essay that most are hoping won’t be as prophetic as the one he penned in July. This one is entitled, “Donald Trump Is Gonna Get Us Killed,” and as AOL News reports, in it, Michael Moore trashes Trump and his lack of commitment to national security. Or, as Moore puts it, “keeping [the nation’s] people safe.”


In the essay, which was first posted by Michael Moore on his Facebook page, Moore trashes the president-elect for lacking the time for national security briefings but finding the time for his frequent Twitter rants.

“He can get up at 5 in the morning and send angry, childish tweets…but he doesn’t have time to hear about the threats to our national security.”

Admittedly, Michael Moore is no Donald Trump fan. He has promoted a massive protest of Trump’s upcoming inauguration and has even reportedly been working on convincing Electoral College electors to dump Trump next week. Even so, he has a history of calling it right.

Continuing his scathing assessment of Donald Trump and his refusal to prioritize public safety, Moore point-blank predicts that another terrorist attack will happen, and that when it does, innocent Americans will die. Why? According to Michael Moore, people will die because Trump refuses to change and will likely be absent from the intelligence briefing he needed to keep American citizens safe.

“…when the next terrorist attack happens — and it will happen…and after the tragedy is over…you will see Donald Trump acting quickly to blame everyone but himself…the first Commander-in-Chief to literally be AWOL and announcing proudly he isn’t going to change — this, I assure you, is going to get a lot of innocent people killed.”


Further, Moore compares the president-elect to George W. Bush, who was in office (and often absent from Washington, D.C.) prior to the unprecedented September 11 attacks of 2001. As Moore points out, President Bush received a very to-the-point intelligence briefing in August (headed, “BIN LADEN DETERMINED TO STRIKE INSIDE U.S.”) while vacationing at his Texas ranch. Still, he didn’t return to his duties at the White House for another month.

“George W. Bush didn’t leave the ranch to go back to work for the next four weeks. In the fifth week, bin Laden attacked the US with planes on September 11th.”

Michael Moore’s new essay has gotten a lot of attention since it was posted, quickly going viral and getting picked up and shared by various media outlets across the nation and the world. Unlike his July essay, which was largely dismissed if not outright ignored, people are taking heed of what Michael Moore has to say this time around. And many are worried that he could be correct.

What do you think? Is this a case of needless fear-mongering, or is Michael Moore calling it correctly in his essay, “Donald Trump Is Gonna Get Us Killed”?

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