WWE News: WWE Teases New Day Vs The Club Vs The Shield At WWE ‘Tribute To The Troops’

For those unaware, WWE taped their annual Tribute to the Troops special after taping WWE SmackDown Live last night, and there is at least one thing from this show that fans will want to see. SmackDown Live was not actually live last night due to the taping of TTTT, as WWE did not want to keep people in the audience around too late. This meant that WWE had to tape SmackDown a bit earlier and seemingly aired the show on about an hour delay.

WWE 205 Live was taped before WWE RAW as well, so the entire thing was an interesting turn of events for the WWE. The annual Tribute to the Troops show is always interesting to watch, but nothing really important ever happens at the show. It is usually a throwaway event that only serves to entertain, not to further or start WWE storylines. However, there is a hope that they may start at least one.

During the event, there was a segment involving The Club consisting of AJ Styles, Karl Anderson, and Luke Gallows, along with The New Day. WWE also had The Shield pop up together in the same segment. While the three teams did not wrestle each other that night, as most of them were wrestling in other matches on the show, the segment was interesting.

Club New Day Shield
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Obviously, fans will find out tonight what was said between the three teams, but many are hoping a possible match takes place between them down the line. The problem is, when would WWE actually make this happen? The Royal Rumble will be too stacked with most of the members tied up in other storylines involving titles or the Rumble match itself.

WrestleMania 33 seems out of the question too, as The Shield guys will be involved in big storylines going into the event, and AJ Styles from The Club likely would be too. New Day might defend their titles at the event as well. That said, WrestleMania is out. Then we have WWE SummerSlam, but the same problem that exists for Mania would be an issue then.

However, there is another night when WWE RAW and SmackDown Live wrestlers will be on the same show. While yet to be announced, the WWE Slammy Awards are a night when both brands come together due to the fact that the awards are not just centered around RAW talent. While the show will take place on an episode of Monday Night RAW, it will be a night in which WWE has all members of the rosters around, therefore they have an opportunity.

The New Day
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At this event, which would just happen in a few weeks if they do it, we could see this major match. Could it be that WWE is teasing The Shield vs New Day vs The Club at Tribute to the Troops because they know they can make it happen later this month as a bit of a Christmas present to the WWE fans? No matter what type of WWE fan you are, it is likely you would want to see the match happen.

If we’re lucky, WWE may just throw The Wyatt Family in for extra added effect. With WWE now, they’re in a tough position. They cannot give us some dream matches simply due to the brand split, however, they can still take advantage of the times that the rosters are together. It is unlikely WWE will be able to make this match happen on PPV, so it has to happen on television.

Interestingly, WWE may really want to do it on television simply because they need ratings to go up. What better way to help ratings than a major match involving some of the most popular teams the WWE has had in years? While we cannot be sure WWE will, in fact, give us The Shield vs. New Day vs. The Club, we can hopefully put it on Santa’s list and see if it comes. Either that or add it to Chris Jericho’s list, which is the same thing right?

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