Aussie-Based YouTube Star Jason Pinder Launches Simple Cooking Club

YouTube Star Jason Pinder Launches Simple Cooking Club
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An Australian native named Jason Pinder has just over 1.2 million subscribers for his world famous cooking channel on YouTube. Now he’s launching, a website that aims to host all of his recipes and serve as a focal point for the community of people who love to cook at home. How did he get famous? He created a niche cooking show that uses less than 10 different ingredients.

Jason Pinder, a professional chef by trade and successful YouTube star by night, knows well that most cooking shows are all about fanciful glamor and less about viewers realistically being able to cook the prepared meals. Jason deliberately designed his YouTube channel to focus on those people who genuinely want to cook the meals they see on cooking shows but don’t have the time or funds available for a complicated dish.

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With his wit and humor, he has created an entertaining and functional cooking show, allowing everyone a chance to prepare the meals he creates. Some items literally only have two separate ingredients, but he will prepare them in a unique way that anyone can do at home.

His show is designed for the kids that leave for college with no fundamental understanding of how a kitchen operates. His show is streamlined for the single fathers and mothers raising kids alone who don’t have the time or money to forge an intricate meal. His show is entertaining for the people who might enjoy watching professionals prepare something amazing, except that it’s a one-way conversation and there is no chance they will be able to recreate what they saw on television.

Outside of the vast collection of simple cooking recipes, he also shares his best tips related to cooking. These can include knowing how to prevent specific types of food from spoiling too fast to learning an interesting way of preparing eggs.

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For everyone without a moderate or even formal degree or education in cooking, viewers and readers can learn how to impress their family and loved ones with the powerful taste of a professionally trained chef.

Jason isn’t all about cooking tips and special recipes. He also spends a lot of his time motivating and inspiring his viewers and readers into pushing themselves to the edge of self-reliance and self-preparedness. He will inspire you to get up, walk over to the kitchen, and learn to cook. He allows anyone to walk into their grocery store with a small list of things to prepare full four-course meals.

On his new website, he plans to launch new recipes each week and will perform live question and answer sessions to further help his YouTube fans.

Sydney Australia based Chef Launches Simple Cooking Club
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While he may reside just north of Sydney, Australia, he has developed a truly international taste pallet. In fact, he is so popular with his YouTube subscribers and viewers, he is only slightly behind Gordon Ramsay, who is essentially a household name for his cooking antics. Jason aims to be more accepting and accommodating for those looking to learn how to cook by themselves, while still being wildly entertaining and absolutely hilarious.

For a brief introduction into his psyche of cooking, and accurately naming his recipes, he actually has a cake named the “Giant Peanut Butter Oreo Banana Bread.” Now, enjoy researching his YouTube channel, his website, and the rest of his recipes, which are sure to make your mouth water. Go learn how to cook the fun way! This might be something to show the kids before they go off to college only knowing how to make Hot Pockets and Pop Tarts. Not that there is anything wrong with eating Hot Pockets and Pop Tarts!

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