San Francisco Riots: Giants Win World Series And Fans Act Like Complete Morons

The San Francisco Giants just swept the Detroit Tigers to win the World Series, and, in true baseball fan fashion, the streets of San Fran are becoming a stomping ground for drunken fans. The San Francisco riot so far includes the typical type of actions we have come to expect from excited and drunk sports fans. At least one fire has been lit, several cars were mobbed (but not destroyed) in the streets with little care for the safety of those inside, and at least some fans are acting like complete buffoons.

Police scanner traffic is lighting up with suggestions that the crowds on the streets are “mostly” peaceful, although raucous. Even “mostly peaceful” is better than the last World Series win for the San Fran based MLB team.

You may recall that, back in 2010 after the Giants won baseball’s championship, fans began with “joyful mayhem,” which ultimately turned into full-on riots in the streets. In 2010, people were attacked in their cars, apparently for not also running around in the streets to participate in the San Francisco riots.

Back in 2010, fans were treated to a back and forth game, which likely stoked their desire to celebrate; this time around, fans in San Francisco came up with an easy 4 games and out sweep against the Tigers.

This story is still developing, but hopefully not too much for the sake of innocent bystanders and drivers who are just trying to make it home.

Here’s one video of people “celebrating” the win. If you look far into the background, you can see police sirens as police attempt to quell the crowd:

[iframe src=” title=”Telly video player ” type=”text/html” width=”480? height=”360?]

Some fans are already calling the “gathering” a riot, even if at this time it appears pretty peaceful. Emily Price tweeted:


Police scanners are also now revealing “plums of smoke” and claiming that rioters are “now throwing fireworks around.”

Police are asking for firefighters to respond to a fire at the corner of Third and King.

Update (10:53 pm) – An ambulance was called to the Dugout shop. An injured fan had hoped to walk to the hospital but told police he was unable to go any further.

Here is an photo from the San Francisco Riot which was posted on by the user kurrts. Notice the fire in the background (it’s kind of hard to miss):

Update: A child was injured by the Popeye’s Chicken or Wells Fargo. Police are responding to an emergency call. No more facts at this time.

San Francisco Giants fans don’t seem to mind the San Francisco riot. In fact, many are taking to Twitter to joke about the “celebrations” taking place. Here’s a good example of some tweets we are seeing:

More photos are starting to surface, here’s a great photo set from @cgravina:

Update (11:16 pm): Police are out en masse. In one of the more powerful photos so far from the riot a police officer stands by as rain pours down on his riot gear (click link in tweet for photo):

Update (12:23 pm): Police scanners continue to report multiple fires in the streets. The fires all appear to be away from buildings at this time, but the crowd continues to drunkenly celebrate.

Update (11:24 pm): A group of San Francisco fans are driving around in a brown car and setting off bottle rockets as they celebrate. Police have spotted the vehicle and are working to stop the driver.

The riots continue with more tweets of growing fire calls to emergency services. Here is yet another tweeted San Francisco fire photo:

Update (11:28 pm): Rioters on the corner of 22nd and Michigan have started throwing bottles at police officers. The officers who are in riot gear have been forced to put down their face masks to protect themselves from drunken San Francisco riot participants.

Update (11:30 pm): A sofa was set on fire and it is getting close to burning the overhead mini wires.

Update (11:34 pm): Fans are throwing rocks and bottles at police officers between Michigan and Velenzia. An officer was heard shouting “Oh shit we are taking multiple rocks and bottles…hold the line, come back, come back, hold the line.”

Observer Jessica Malnik just tweeted what many of us are thinking:

Update (11:47pm): Police are no longer just observing and wagons have been called in to arrest the biggest offenders. Police have spotters who are pointing out rock and bottle throwers. Police are attempting to arrest violet rioters.

Fires are raging at full force, check out this Instagram photo that was posted at nearly 2:00am Central:

Update (11:58pm): There are reports that a large crowd at the corner of 24th and Harrison are trying to tip over a vehicle. Police are not able to get to the vehicle to offer assistance.

Update (12:00am): Forget bottles and rocks, police are now reporting that various “projectiles” are being throw at officers.

At least several vehicles have been completely destroyed during the madness. Here is a photo of a police officer calling in a flipped over and totally destroyed car:

Notice the bumper that was torn off the front of the vehicle?

Update (12:18am): Police have told crowds to disperse three times over loud speaker. Officers have informed dispatch that they will now begin arresting rioters who have refused to leave the riot area.

Update (12:26am): Police chased a suspect in a white t-shirt after he attempted to flee from officers. Police are beginning to more aggressively arrest rioters who are causing problems. Fans can still be heard celebrating loudly in the background of police scanner reports.

Warning: Stay off Valencia! Half of the reports we are hearing at the moment are coming from that stretch of location.

Want to be witness to the most stupid personal act during the San Francisco Riots? Check out this drunken fan as they jump over a massive fire:

Rioters have moved on from some streets, but the damage has already been done. As celebrations continue in the streets, fans were overturning vehicles as they left the area. Here is yet another photo from the riots:

Update (12:42 am): 107 and Valencia has been cleared. Much of the rioting after the World Series victory was happening on Valencia Street. Police scanners are starting to die down a bit, and crowds are not as loud in the background of police chatter. Police have called in cleanup crews in many areas where fans have moved on.

Update (12:45 am): An officer just noted “most fans have left the area, the only problems being caused now are by ‘gangster types’ who are still in the street.”

Update (12:47 am): Reports of a building on fire were heard over the police scanner; that fire has not been confirmed at this time.

Here is a video that was just uploaded to YouTube which shows cheering fans dancing and screaming in the streets:

[iframe width=”560? height=”315? src=””]

Police have been busily attempting to keep rioters away from already started fires; here’s another Youtube posted video which shows several officers circled around an in-progress fire:

[iframe width=”560? height=”315? src=””]

Update (12:57 am): Multiple units are still being hit with bottles on 16th and Mission. Backup was just called to the area to help reign in drunken rioters who continue to attack police officers.

Updates (1:00 am): Police just arrested three rioters on the corner of 16th and Mission. A new platoon is moving towards still active rioters on Mission.

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