San Francisco Riots: Live Blogging Photos From The Chaos

The San Francisco Riots are back, and once again they were caused because the San Francisco Giants won the World Series. Remember 2010? Apparently fans forgot exactly how much damage they caused just a few short years ago.

The Giants easily won this years World Series with a sweep over the Detroit Tigers, and a celebration that started with a calm crowd has quickly turned into a full on riot. Police officers are being hit with bottles and rocks, and crowds are threatening to catch power lines and buildings on fire.

Fans are said to be drunk, rowdy, and showing no respect to law enforcement.

In one report, revelers were witnessed shooting bottle rockets out of their car as they drove through the crowded streets. In another report, a small child was injured and required medical attention near a Popeye’s Chicken fast food restaurant.

Police have attempted to monitor the crowd, but wagons have recently been called in to pick up the worst offenders.

22nd and Michigan appears to be one of the biggest hot spots among drunken fans.

Since images often speak louder than words, we have begun to compile various photos from the riots. Some photos show pure joyful celebration while others show exactly how stupid riots can act when given the chance.

Fans are casually standing around fires, smoking cigarettes, and drinking beers they probably don’t need at this point:

Another powerful image from Twitter user @AnneDana

Here is Dana’s photo:

Rain won’t stop the celebrations of drunk buffoons; check out this police officer who is monitoring the San Francisco Riots in the rain:

Here’s Williams’ photo:

@meganmillsphoto just posted a photo of rioters standing on top of a city bus. Seems like a great way to get arrested to us. At least they are not attempting to overturn the bus at this time:

There isn’t much a police officer can do when they are the only one on the scene. Watch as this officer stands by a fire and watches it burn. Photo via

Tip number one during a riot or during a day: When a riot is likely, protect your car! Take a look at this vehicle which was flipped over while its bumper was literally ripped off the frame:

One big concern for police officers has been that flames will climb up street polls or raise so high into the air that they catch overhead objects on fire. Check out how close this fire is to a street poll:

Want to destroy property in San Francisco? Riot participants literally started pulling street lights out of the ground, a nice complement to starting fires, turning over cars, and dancing on top of city buses. Here is the photo from @meganmillsphoto:

More vehicle damage to report from Vehicles that were not overturned were simply smashed into pieces or lit on fire:

Wow! This guy decided to jump through the flame of a San Francisco Riot fire. Here’s the photo via

Police were prepared for the San Francisco riots. After the same type of activities occurred in 2010, police this time around were out in full gear, and the photo below shows their ability to pull together and hold off and warn rioters of their presence:

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