Christmas Super Moon Set To Cause Merry Hell This Festive Season

It’s Christmas time and there’s no need to be afraid. That is unless you’re a prize turkey plucked, stuffed and ready for a good roasting.

Yet, there’s another reason to be wary this yuletide. It’s big, bright, and heavenly, and it’s called the moon.

That’s right ladies and gentleman, the festive fancy may be upon us, but a psychic has warned that a super moon set to appear in the skies above us this December could cause merry hell when all is supposed to be calm, bright, and bursting at the seams with goodwill.

Now as all wise elves know, Christmas can be an ungodly and claustrophobic experience at the best of times. There’s obnoxious relatives too indulge, unwanted presents to receive, and vast quantities of alcohol to stick your head in until it’s permanently pickled.

In amongst all the materialistic carnage and orgy of craven greed, one often loses sight of the real reason for the season. And the arrival of the impending super moon is going to make things even more stressful, according to world-respected psychic Rose Smith.

According to the Daily Mail Australia, our Rose has revealed that the advent of the Christmas super moon on December 14 will take the bad and make it worse.

Super Moon

Can such a stressful time get even more stressful due to the movement of planetary bodies? You bet your bottom dollar it can!

Mrs. Smith, who is head of psychic network Absolute Soul Secrets, says that the super moon will be the the third in as many months, and will render us as taut and tense as a violin string on which it will play its diabolical dirge.

Although super moons are not unusual, you don’t often get three in a row. And to compound matters, according to Mrs. Smith, there is already a lot of “stress in the aether.”

“Basically this has been building up for a few months.

“Super moons are not unusual, we get several a year, but it is unusual to have three in a row and to have them at the end of the year and at the end of the ‘9’ cycle.

“There is a lot of stress in the aether, and a lot of pent up emotions built up over time. People have to tighten the reins on their tongues otherwise feelings might come out all over the place.”

The moon’s effect on gravity is well documented, but apparently the extra gravitational pull from the super moon this Christmas will have a huge impact on our bodies and minds as 2016 ends its days in one last blowout.

“I think it will be absolutely frantic, we have the full moon in two days.

“Christmas is a stressful time anyway and people say or do things during Christmas they wouldn’t normally say. But this Christmas is the last in the cycle, there will be increased pressure.”

Super Moon

The worried psychic has warned that the Christmas dinner table could turn into a battleground of festive warriors fueled by Sherry and Port, and who are but mere paper-hatted pawns at the mercy of the savage and strange lunar tides.

Mrs. Smith has also sounded a note of caution to anyone who thinks leaving their Christmas shopping to the last minute is a good idea.

“It could be a battle ground. I would be going early if you haven’t already done your Christmas shopping.

“I would have a battle plan as things will probably not go the way you anticipate with all the extra activity going on in the aether.”

The bells! The bells! The bells! They are ringing out for Christmas time. So take a moment to light a candle, perhaps bake a mince pie, pluck a turkey, stick a fairy on the tree, kindly sing a hymn for your neighbors and ponder in amongst all the festive calamity and movement of moons, the words of Madeline Morse – “Let Christmas not become a thing merely of merchant’s trafficking, of tinsel, bell and holly wreath and surface pleasure, but beneath the childish glamour, let us find nourishment for heart and mind.”

Yes indeed. One last thing before you go. Why couldn’t the skeleton go to the Christmas party? Because he had no body to go with.

Boom! Boom!

[Featured Image by Sean Gallup/Getty Images]