Nicki Minaj & Meek Mill Split? See The Scathing Messages Hinting At A Breakup

Emily Hutchinson

Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill are fueling the breakup rumors again after seemingly taking serious aim at each other on Instagram as Nicki claims she "dodged a bullet."

Nicki and her boyfriend of two years got fans speculating that they could have undergone a breakup last week after both posted cryptic messages to the photo sharing site that seemingly hinted that there could once again be trouble in paradise when it comes to their romance.

Urban Islandz reported the potential breakup between the couple, claiming that Meek deleted his Instagram account late last week while Minaj posted cryptic messages, potentially confirming a breakup with Mill, on both Twitter and Instagram.

Minaj then posted another cryptic message to Twitter shortly after her meme upload, simply tweeting out to her more than 20 million followers, "I'm worth it."

Nicki's cryptic message, potentially aimed at Meek, came just two days after the rapper gushed over the "Starships" singer on Instagram on her birthday, allegedly posting messages about his girlfriend of two years in which he called Minaj his "Queen" before then mysteriously deleting his account entirely.

But while Mill's Instagram account remains unavailable as the breakup rumors continue to swirl, Nicki is still very much active on the social media site and seemingly still hinting at a breakup.

Minaj took to Instagram on December 11 to post a snap of her new Chanel slides, which she captioned with lyrics from Beyoncé's 2011 track "Best Thing I Never Had" to seemingly suggest that she could have split with Meek by insinuating he "blew it."

"Thank God u blew it. Thank God I dodged the bullet. I'm so over u. Baby good lookin out," Nicki captioned the snap as the split rumors hit the headlines.

Minaj then added the hashtag "#BestThingUNeverHad."

However, as some fans take Minaj's cryptic posts as a sign of a breakup with Mill, as noted by Urban Islandz, social media users have also been speculating that Nicki and Meek's latest potential split may be nothing more than a publicity stunt ahead of the release of Mill's latest mixtape, DC5.

Nicki and Meek were previously accused of creating a breakup publicity stunt on social media earlier this year after both Minaj and Mill took shots at each other on Instagram before Mill then deleted his account once again for several days.

Nicki Minaj and Meek Meek have never confirmed the rumors, although a source alleged that the twosome have remained very much together despite blasting each other on social media, claiming that Nicki and Mill's apparent drama was nothing but a publicity stunt to promote Meek's latest mixtape DC4.

"Even while they were fighting on social media they were still texting each other and laughing," a source alleged to Urban Islandz of Minaj and Meek's Instagram drama, which led many fans to believe Minaj and Mill, who have been dating since 2014, could have split.

"I would understand why some folks would see it as a publicity stunt," continued the Nicki insider, hinting that the online drama could allegedly have been Minaj's idea. "The way Nicki sees it, there is no such thing as bad publicity because publicity is what get your brand out there and make people more interested in your music."

The accusations of a publicity stunt came shortly after Mill and Minaj appeared to allude to a breakup on Instagram in November, where Nicki seemingly referred to Meek as being "ungrateful" after he suggested she was "temporary."

Meek then appeared to hit back with a meme of his own posted to the social media site, once again hinting that he and Nicki could have split by posting a photo alongside the caption "Some of y'all need to learn how to enjoy your man's company instead of picking fights with him 24/7" just days after he seemingly called Nicki his "temporary" girlfriend.

Before Meek deleted his account for the first time this year, Urban Islandz alleged that Mill posted a meme in October alongside the caption, "When it's going down these n****s nowhere to [be] found most of these n****s [be] so temporary. B*****s [be] so temporary."

Nicki has also made it pretty clear that she and Mill were very much together prior to the latest round of apparent split drama on Instagram, posting a shot of her kissing Mill on the lips just days after sharing a snap of him kissing her feet before Minaj and Mill alluded to yet another breakup late last week.

Do you think Nicki's latest Instagram posts are a sign of a breakup with Meek? Is and Meek Mill and Nicki Minaj's latest relationship drama just another publicity stunt?

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