Target Ignores Consumers’ Wishes, Launches First Christmas Commercial In October

While the holiday season seems to come earlier and earlier each year, most major retailers still hold off on televised holiday commercials until November 1. This year, however, Target won the race for holiday advertising, launching its first holiday commercial earlier this month.

Last year, The Consumerist invited patrons to express their frustrations at seeing “Christmas trees in shopping malls before Halloween.” Shoppers admitted to feeling flustered when trying to find Halloween costumes for their kids the week before October 31, and finding Halloween paraphernalia already stripped away and Christmas decorations and products in their place.

Some think the commercialization of Christmas and other December holidays has gone too far, states The Consumerist.

Last year, shoppers tried to shame retailers into patience, hoping that this year, Christmas would wait to make its festive debut until after Thanksgiving.

Led by The Consumerist, last year’s shoppers were encouraged to take photos of Christmas decorations in stores with a cut-out “Christmas Creep” character. The photos were then posted on the consumer website, with the intent of discouraging retailers from making the same mistake this year.

As far as Target is concerned, the “Christmas Creep” didn’t make an impact.

The major retailer, which last year maintained that patrons weren’t ready for Christmas until after Thanksgiving, released their first Christmas commercial, posted below.

Last year, Target’s Chief Marketing Officer said that “Target had researched what customers wanted and that’s why it waiting until after Thanksgiving [to launch Christmas advertisements].”

“Guests really tire of these messages when they’re started too early in the season, and it doesn’t align with where they are in their lives,” he said at the time. “They look at Thanksgiving as family time … and aren’t yet ready to get into the frenzy that defines the Christmas shopping season.”

According to The Consumerist, “That guy is now working at The Gap, so the new leadership obviously feels differently.”

Readers: Do you break out the jingle bells once the Halloween candy is eaten? Or do you refuse to acknowledge the holiday season until Black Friday ensues?

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