Janice Dickinson Marries Dr. Robert Gerner In Private Beverly Hills Ceremony

Janice Dickinson, 61, married her longtime fiancee, Robert Gerner, 70, on Saturday. The wedding ceremony took place at the Beverly Hills home of Dickinson’s friend, Suzan Hughes, in front of about 100 guests. Famous attendees included Emma Roberts, model Beverly Johnson, and former O.J. Simpson attorney Robert Shapiro, according to People.

Janice Dickinson with husband, Robert Gerner. [Image by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]

“It’s taken me half a century to find a soulmate and thanks to the universe my stars were aligned the day Rocky and I met… He’s the best and he’s the brightest man I’ve ever met.”

Janice and Dr. Gerner were introduced by Gerner’s son, Robert Gerner Jr., who set them up for a blind date in 2012. Towards the end of that same year, the two were engaged, the supermodel told People in an exclusive report.

“I’ve been wanting to marry Janice since about two weeks after I met her… We are a unit. I am so excited to really formalize this with Janice with a wedding, but it’s really just going to be stating what is already the reality: we’re going to together for the rest of our lives.”

Dickinson was married three times before Gerner.

“I used to cringe when someone would say that to me… I would be shredding the screen door to get out of the room. But Rocky is just so compatible with me. We make magic happen together. Each day is like a new adventure.”

They have been engaged since 2012 and have since faced huge health scares. Dickinson battled breast cancer earlier this year and Gerner suffered a collapsed lung after he fell off the roof of their home a couple of months ago, according to People. Through their struggles, Janice and Robert continued planning their big wedding day.

Janice Dickinson Discusses Wedding Dress Ideas

As for Dickinson’s very special wedding dress, she said she wanted something feminine, romantic, and embroidered. Dickinson ultimately chose a “neo-romantic, ethereal” Jane Booke wedding gown.

“I wanted something silky and romantic and just breathtakingly embroidered… The train is about 30-ft. long so I can float around the garden like a butterfly. You’ve never seen anything like it before and you’ll never see something like it again – unless some chain store knocks it off.”

Dr. Robert Gerner and model, Janice Dickinson. [Image by Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images]

Santos found the perfect pair of vintage shoes that fit the wedding’s color scheme of pale pink, soft green, and ivory colors, to go along with Dickinson’s dress.

“Because it’s not her first marriage, we decided to go with ivory as the main pallet and pair that with pale pinks and greens and little silvers here and there because those are the colors Janice has in her home and has always loved.”

Garner revealed to People the wedding he dreamed about for himself and Janice.

“I’d always envisioned our wedding outdoors. Janice loves flowers and gardening.”

Dickinson Talks Wedding Rings

Janice told People that Gerner’s ring is a “simple gold band with “forever” inscribed on it… So, now he’s stuck with me. He’s the man of my dreams.” Dickinson wore her custom-designed eternity ring home from the shop when they bought it.

“It’s very conservative for Janice Dickinson… It’s a beautiful setting, the band is very Victorian. I could have gotten something very over the top and extravagant, but I chose this band with diamonds on three sides because I bang my hands a lot. I work in the garden, I dig. I didn’t want something that would get banged up or fall off.”

Janice Dickinson’s Wedding Reception

The food for the reception was lovingly prepared by Joey Santos of Joey’s Food.

“Since it’s an off-hour — it’s not really a lunch and it’s not really a dinner. So, I made it more of a high-tea feeling… really elegant little bites.”

For the wedding cake, Santos made a delicious three-tier cake. Santos told People the cake was adorned with a layer of red velvet, another of chocolate, fudge, and a third of vanilla. The cake was designed to match the colors of Janice and Robert’s wedding.

“[The wedding] is really all about great food and great music… And, of course, all the love in the entire universe.”

Dickinson chose the rebellious, “You Don’t Own Me” performed live by Crown Jwlz to get her reception party going.

“I’m so honored Janice sought me out to sing at her wedding… And I love that she’s having fun with the song choice.”

Dickinson is currently working with Agent.com to provide an online platform for aspiring models from around the world to find legitimate work and good representation.

Dickinson opened up to Entertainment Tonight on how Gerner support helped her through her breast cancer battle.

“Today I am finally over the hump and the fright for myself and my family from the most horrible word in the world, cancer,” Dickinson revealed, crediting Gerner, her children and her fans for her recovery. “I’ve been reborn and the days are much bluer, the clouds are much brighter, roses smell rosey-er, and I finally heard from my betrothed that we are going to do this now, we will be tying the knot this year.”

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