October 24, 2017
Kim Kardashian Divorce: Affair With Oakland Raiders Punter Marquette King Leading To Split With Kanye West, Rumors Claim

The rumors that Kim Kardashian is headed to divorce have intensified with a report that she and Oakland Raiders punter Marquette King are having an affair --- though friends of the reality star claim there's nothing to the rumors.

It has been a rough patch for Kim and husband Kanye West, who was hospitalized for a long stretch last month after what was reported to be a nervous breakdown. Kanye had to cancel the remainder of his tour, and the divorce rumors that have surrounded the couple for the past few months have grown more intense.

Those divorce rumors took another turn this week amid reports that Kim Kardashian and Marquette King may be having an affair.

Kim Kardashian surrounded by divorce rumors amid reports of affair with Marquette King
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The original report linking Kim Kardashian and Marquette King came from the sports gossip site Terez Owens, a sister site to Perez Hilton. Published on Friday, the report claimed that King was the unnamed Oakland Raiders player who had been rumored to be having an affair with Kim Kardashian.

"We reported the rumors that Kim Kardashian allegedly was cheating on Kanye with a Raiders player, not sure if it's true, but now we've been tipped off that the player in question is Marquette King, the Raiders flamboyant punter. How the Raiders got mixed up with the Kardashians is anyone's guess, but you know if there's any truth to it, consider the Raiders season over. The Kardashian effect is Real, just ask Kanye, Lamar, and Scott Disick."

While the punter is generally one of the most overlooked players in football, Marquette King is certainly the exception. As one of the NFL's top five punters, King is also one of the most colorful characters, unleashing dancing celebrations after his booming punts.

And he's certainly not lacking in confidence.

"The only thing I think about is: catch the ball and don't try to kill the ball because I know I'm the best punter on this field right now," King told SB Nation.

"Nobody's better than me, nobody looks better than me, and it's whatever. After that, I don't think about nothing else, I just do it."
It's not clear exactly how the rumor of an affair between Kim Kardashian and Marquette King got started, as Terez Owens doesn't cite a source or even a specific time that the two may have met up. While Kim keeps a busy schedule with her reality television empire and business ventures around Los Angeles, King is also occupied on the other end of California with the Raiders. It's not clear if the two have ever been spotted together, or if they've even been at the same event at the same time.

Kim Kardashian has been a lightning rod for rumors, including near-endless reports that she and Kanye West are getting a divorce. So far, none of those rumors have been on the mark.

There are also some sources close to the couple throwing cold water on the most recent divorce rumors. Jonathan Cheban, a close friend of Kim Kardashian, told Us Weekly that the couple is very optimistic about their future.

"Kim and Kanye are looking forward to the new year, new changes. They're going to be great," Cheban said, adding that Kanye West is "doing much better. We're all looking forward to the new year."

Kim Kardashian surrounded by divorce rumors amid reports of affair with Marquette King
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An Cheban specifically dismissed the divorce rumors surrounding Kim Kardashian and Kanye West.

"Well, I can tell you the divorce is not happening. I was so surprised when someone asked me that on a red carpet... But I'll tell you they are definitely not getting a divorce."
Despite the dismissals, it seems the divorce rumors around Kim Kardashian are only growing with the reports that she's having an affair with Marquette King.

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