No, Gwen Stefani Is Not Planning Revenge Song For Miranda Lambert, But Star Has Fueled Engagement Rumors [Debunked]

There have been constant rumors swirling around Gwen Stefani, Blake Shelton, and Blake’s ex-wife Miranda Lambert all due to a supposed feud that is happening between Miranda and Gwen. The most recent tale involves Miranda’s new country album The Weight of These Wings being a hit to Gwen Stefani’s pride seeing as her own latest album flopped in comparison, and tabloids ignited a rumor that the gloves are about to come off due to Stefani preparing to write a song of her own in response.

#Inquisitr Gwen Stefani Allegedly Obsessing Over Miranda Lambert Album: Blake Shelton

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Gossip Cop, however, has gotten to the bottom of the false claims and states that the whole feud is totally fabricated.

“It says in this week’s Life & Style, “Eight months after Gwen Stefani’s album This Is What The Truth Feels Like flopped, Miranda Lambert’s new double album, The Weight Of These Wings, is a success with both critics and fans — and that isn’t sitting well with jealous Gwen.” A so-called “pal” is quoted as saying, “She’s going to unleash some very personal songs about Miranda.”

The tabloid goes on to claim that Gwen’s “ill will goes beyond business,” stating that although she doesn’t worry that “beau Blake Shelton still loves his ex, she has a deep insecurity and feels she’s competing with Miranda anyway…” The source then continues, “[Lambert] is beloved by the country music world, Gwen’s jealous about that.”

Finally, the source claims that Stefani has written songs that call the country songstress out “for giving Blake up so easily,” then states “Gwen’s ready for a showdown.” This same story was published by Life & Style’s sister publication, In Touch, and some of the quotes are word for word.

GC notes that both publications are in the wrong and that there is to be no showdown. Gwen is not writing revenge songs, a rep for the No Doubt front woman told the gossip policing site, and adds all of the allegations are “untrue.” The tabloid just keeps circulating the “revenge” tale as evidenced by a January story in which it is claimed that Stefani was making a “revenge album” about Lambert.

It’s a known fact that tabloids love to dig up fake dirt whenever a relationship seems to be too solid. Of course Gwen and Blake each went through hardships, yet Miranda has moved on and so has Blake. Both Blake and Gwen constantly relay just how smitten they are with one another and how happy they are to have one another. Blake recently gushed about Gwen to Ellen while he was a guest on her show and both have fueled engagement rumors. Gwen most recently stirred up talk of an engagement, as Inquisitr recently noted, when she visited a local jeweler. Radar Online shares about the Gwen-spotting that stirred up speculation.

“Gwen Stefani was caught shopping at XIV Karats jewelry store in Beverly Hills this week, fueling rumors of her upcoming nuptials with country crooner Blake Shelton.”

The publication goes on to state that there is even a wedding date set. A source shared with Radar Online that May 5 is apparently the big day. The source then goes on to claim that Gwen and Blake, although totally in love, are having trouble agreeing on anything.

“They can hardly agree on anything!” a source told Radar. “Gwen wants to go big on this — and Blake wanted to make it an informal affair down home in Tennessee or their new place in Oklahoma — but he’s not willing to go to the mat against her.”

Of course, none of these words by the source have been verified and will likely be stamped out as false in due time by GC.

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