WWE News: Jim Ross Believes John Cena Will Never Wrestle Full Time Again

There have been a ton of WWE rumors surrounding John Cena and his future in the company. Some have been ludicrous, such as those claiming that John Cena is finished with the company, and others seem more legitimate, such as Cena phasing himself out of a main role in the company. Jim Ross posted a recent blog and seems to agree with that latter idea.

In his blog post, he noted how many movies and TV shows that John Cena has been taking on and feels that WWE fans have seen the last of John Cena as a full-time WWE superstar. Jim Ross also feels this is a smart move for John Cena if it is true.

“Just like @TheRock, @JohnCena is and always will be a WWE guy who may never wrestle a full time schedule again, likely not IMO, but will always be loyal to the company that helped launch his amazing career. I know of no wrestler with reasonable sanity that is that would not trade the bumping and the road schedule, etc for the life of a TV or movie personality. Would you? I didn’t think so.”

That really makes sense when one thinks about the abuse that wrestlers put upon their bodies in the WWE and the time on the road constantly traveling around the world. John Cena is 39-years-old and injuries are more likely for someone his age.

WWE News: Jim Ross Believes John Cena Will Never Wrestle Full Time Again
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Brock Lesnar is the same age and has been part-time for years. The Rock actually left the WWE at a younger age than John Cena and is one of the biggest stars in Hollywood now. John Cena is looking at the future right now and it might not be in the WWE ring.

However, don’t think that this means that John Cena won’t tie Ric Flair’s record for most world title wins in a career. Brock Lesnar was a world champion as a part-time star who only appeared on occasion. The Rock even came back and won the WWE world title from CM Punk years after he stopped being a full-time star.

The Inquisitr previously reported that the WWE wants to book The Undertaker vs. John Cena at WrestleMania next year and that is a match that would be a perfect retirement match for Undertaker. No matter what John Cena is doing, there is a good chance he will make time for that match.

WWE News: Jim Ross Believes John Cena Will Never Wrestle Full Time Again
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Cinema Blend reported that John Cena talked about his future in a recent interview. He has been out of the WWE for a few months now, his last feud coming against AJ Styles in August. Cena has since been out taping the reality show American Grit. He was supposed to be back in January, but that is up in the air now, although Cena said he still has something to give.

“This gives me a better perspective on Dwayne Johnson’s path, you get to a certain point and you cannot attract any more fans. Essentially, my productivity from a company standpoint…I’ve done as much as I can — 15 world championships and a myriad of other accomplishments. I don’t know what left I can do, but I still want to be able to put people in the building.”

John Cena has said publicly how much he misses being in the WWE ring, and as Jim Ross said, he won’t leave for good and will return when needed and asked. He will probably show up for more long-term feuds as well from time to time.


John Cena is going to star in the comedy The Pact with Leslie Mann, which shoots next year. That will get in the way of any long-term title plans the WWE might have had for him. There are also rumors that John Cena will appear in Marvel’s Thor: Ragnarok, although that is just a rumor.

WWE fans can expect John Cena back next year, probably early on to prepare for a WrestleMania appearance. However, as Jim Ross said, it won’t likely be a long stay, as John Cena prepares for his post-WWE career.

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