WWE Rumors: Jim Ross Says Hall of Fame Diva No Longer With Company

One day after the news hit that WWE Hall of Fame announcer Jerry “The King” Lawler was no longer going to appear on WWE television on a regular basis, another WWE Hall of Fame star is reportedly gone from the company. Jim Ross took to Twitter on Wednesday and said that Lita was also no longer with the WWE.

At Survivor Series, both Lita and Jerry Lawler were part of the pre-show on the WWE Network. That was the last time either appeared in that role, and the original assumption was that both were pulled from their on-air roles. However, while Jerry Lawler is under his Legends contract, Jim Ross said that is not the case for Lita.

From the sound of his tweet, Jim Ross actually communicated with Lita and learned from her that she is no longer with the WWE. That makes it sound like, while Jerry Lawler still has his deal to appear for the company at things like the WWE Hall of Fame, Lita is finished with the WWE for now.

When Lita was first brought back to the WWE, it was as a trainer for the women of NXT. She came into NXT after the exodus of stars like Charlotte, Sasha Banks, and Becky Lynch and was there for the rise of Bayley, Alexa Bliss, Nia Jax, and more. Lita said in an interview at the time with Wrestling Inc that she loved the challenge of training the stars of tomorrow.

“I don’t want to just hand you a script and say put your left leg up… yeah I could train a robot to do that but that’s not who is going to be the next superstar. You need to be able to process this information and make it your own, digest it-go to sleep-wake up and use it. So I love that challenge of how am I going to get through to you to make you the next superstar.”

However, in July 2016, Lita changed roles in the WWE. She moved away from training the girls in NXT and received an on-air role for the WWE. In July, Wrestling Inc reported that both Lita and Jerry Lawler were named as key analysts for the WWE Network Kickoff specials that aired before PPV events. Survivor Series was the last for either of them.

The last WWE PPV was Tables, Ladders, and Chairs and the WWE switched things up for that show. Booker T was the only analyst left on the Kickoff show roster. Renee Young was still the host and they were joined by SmackDown Live commissioner Daniel Bryan and Peter Rosenberg of ESPN.

Lita got her start on the indies before making her way to ECW. She joined the WWE in 2000 as the valet for Mexican wrestler Essa Rios. Soon, she overshadowed Essa Rios and started to get a huge reaction when she would pull off top rope moves to help him with his matches.

Lita then became a huge star when she joined up with the Hardy Boyz as part of Team Xtreme. Lita also entered a romantic relationship with Matt Hardy, which caused her most infamous career move.


Lita eventually left Matt Hardy for his close friend Edge, causing a huge rift between the three of them. The WWE capitalized for the feud for a short time, but then Lita became the evil valet for Edge when he was winning world titles.

However, Lita became a WWE Hall of Fame star thanks also to her in-ring career. The feud between Lita and Trish Stratus is considered one of the greatest feuds in WWE history, and both women are now in the WWE Hall of Fame. Lita retired as a four-time WWE Women’s champion.

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