Could Katie Maloney Already Worried About A Divorce From Tom Schwartz?

Katie Maloney and Tom Schwartz will get married on this season of Vanderpump Rules, even though many viewers feel that they rushed into the wedding. Katie and Tom clearly had some issues prior to getting married and on Monday’s episode of Vanderpump Rules, they argued about their wedding and their sex life – just three months prior to getting married. And when they visited their wedding venue, Schwartz hinted that the two of them couldn’t agree on much, including the wedding budget. The two of them do end up getting married this season, but many viewers don’t believe that this wedding will last in the long run.

According to a new Bravo report, Katie Maloney is now revealing that she understands why people would question her marriage, as they don’t see their entire relationship on Vanderpump Rules. It sounds like Schwartz and Katie still have good moments, but Bravo producers are only showing the negative aspects, including all of their fights. And it does make for better television when they fight compared to when they are planning invitations.

The couple visited Watch What Happens Live on Monday and Andy Cohen asked them about married life. And when a caller asked viewers to vote on whether Katie Maloney and Tom would last, the majority of people said no. In fact, 83 percent of people voted that they didn’t see them lasting in the long run because they bicker and fight so much, not to mention the lack of sex. But Maloney wasn’t too offended or surprised.

“I expected people to say that. I’ve been seeing all kinds of nonsense. We know when we wake up everyday with each other, we’re gonna be on our rocking chairs being like, ‘Remember when all those people didn’t believe in us?’ We really are in it for the long haul,” Katie Maloney has revealed about her marriage, sharing that she knew that people would be critical of her relationship, according to Bravo.

Schwartz reveals that he would be as judgmental as viewers if he only saw what they saw. It sounds like the show only highlights their fights and not their happy and positive moments together. And this season, it’s all about Tom’s concerns about Katie’s changing behavior and Maloney’s demanding attitude in regards to the wedding.

“It’s tough to be objective, but I would probably vote 60 percent to 40 percent; from that episode I would say 60 percent,” Tom Schwartz added to her reply, revealing that he understands why people are so judgmental of them after seeing them on Vanderpump Rules.

But Katie Maloney reveals that there are some things that they don’t share on Vanderpump Rules, which could include some of the positive aspects. Clearly, Tom really wanted to marry Katie, as he told the therapist that he was thrilled about getting married this summer. He just didn’t want them to go into debt over the event. Even though Maloney admits to having problems with Tom, she reveals that she’s confident in her relationship. And she’s confident that her marriage with Tom will last even though they bicker and fight at times.

“The thing is in any relationship, there’s stuff that goes on behind closed doors and also on Vanderpump Rules, unfortunately, you don’t see every minute of our lives. You see a fraction of our relationship, but it is still very much the reality of our relationship. I don’t disagree with the things that people say, but we know our relationship better than that. But I’m not shocked,” Katie Maloney revealed during Monday’s episode of Watch What Happens Live.

Do you think Katie Maloney and Tom will last in the long run?

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