Angelina Jolie’s Abuse Allegations Against Brad Pitt Fueled By Her Desire To Move Her Children To London

Angelina Jolie has grand plans for her future in politics. Following her divorce with Brad Pitt, the Tomb Raider star is eying a top level position in the United Nations and even wants to relocate to London. The only thing standing in her way is Pitt’s fight for joint custody.

An inside source told TMZ that Jolie has been planning to make the move for over a year. It’s no secret that Jolie and Pitt’s marriage started to fall apart over a year ago and Jolie has been scheming for a way to sabotage Pitt’s chances for custody ever since.

Shortly after Jolie filed for divorced, the L.A. County Department of Child and Family Services started investigating Pitt for child abuse. Jolie apparently told the agency that Pitt abused their oldest son, Maddox, on a private jet ride. She also believed that Pitt was a danger to the rest of the children and shouldn’t be allowed visitation rights without supervision.

Pitt denied the allegations from the start and insisted that he never abused the kids. A few weeks ago, the DCFS finally cleared Pitt of all the charges and closed its investigation.

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The actress allegedly informed the DCFS after consulting with two of her closest advisors. The identity of the advisors isn’t known, but they are believed to rank high within England’s government.

With Pitt clear of the charges and seeking joint custody, Jolie won’t be able to make a permanent move outside of the country without his permission. According to Extra TV, the estranged couple agreed to a temporary custody agreement until the divorce is finalized.

“There is absolutely nothing different about the situation today as opposed to yesterday as opposed to when this agreement was put into place,” an insider revealed.

The agreement offers Pitt a chance to see the kids with prior approval. Unfortunately, Pitt also agreed to random drug and alcohol tests and to participate in group therapy sessions. Overall, the actor is not satisfied with how things have played out.

According to Page Six, the initial agreement was never meant to be permanent. In fact, the agreement is not binding and Pitt has plenty of options to pursue in the coming months. For now, however, the actor is willing to do whatever it takes to keep the children happy.

Brad Pitt looked happy and healthy while making his first public appearances since his split from Angelina Jolie. [Image by Emmanuel Wong/Getty Images for Paramount Pictures]

“Brad is not at all happy with this situation. He wants to spend more time with the kids and on his own terms. There is nothing about the current arrangement that makes him happy. He has no plans to accept it. He misses his kids. It’s a very sad situation for him,” a source explained.

Pitt has good reason to be angry. Not only was he found innocent of the child abuse claims, but he was also forced to spend Thanksgiving away from the kids. Thankfully, the actor has an excellent legal team and is currently figuring out a way to fight back.

In the meantime, Angelina Jolie is focusing all of her efforts on the children. During their decade together, Jolie and Pitt shared six children, including Maddox, Pax, Zahara, Shiloh, Knox, and Vivienne. She currently has fully physical custody of all the kids.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie had not made a public appearance for over a year before announcing their split. [Image by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]

“Angie has been by the kids’ side nonstop since this happened. Their health and well-being has been her only priority,” an insider revealed. “She hasn’t traveled, and she delayed completing [her new film] First They Killed My Father. Angie also hasn’t been the one to keep Brad from seeing the kids. It hasn’t been her choice. She has been following the advice of the therapists.”

That being said, E! News is reporting that Jolie is not planning on moving to London. To the contrary, the actress is actively looking to purchase a new home in Los Angeles and plans to remain in the U.S. until the divorce is resolved.

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