Kanye West Reportedly Sneaking Out While Kim Kardashian Divorce Rumors Swirl

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian rumors are everywhere, and the latest is that Kanye is actually “sneaking out in the middle of the night.” According to Hollywood Life, West’s “low-profile” sneakiness is nothing to do with the Kardashian-West divorce news that’s blowing up the internet right now. Kanye might have been trying to do a good thing for himself and his family. Keep reading for all the details of his strange behavior!

A new report from X17 suggests that the rapper might actually be seeking treatment for his emotional and psychological problems. On December 6, West “left Los Angeles after sneaking out in the middle of the night.” He was “surrounded by security in an SUV,” taking off in the late-night darkness without Kim, Saint, or North. Kardashian, 36, and the kids stayed behind in Bel Air as west drove “urgently” away.

An insider spoke to X17 and shared that Kanye knows he’s not doing well. With divorce rumors surrounding him and his total breakdown last month hanging over him, West might be headed out for treatment. There’s speculation that Kanye is again “suffering from temporary psychosis brought on by sleep deprivation and dehydration,” and he wants to fix the problems before it’s too late to save his family. The insider said that Kanye wants to get better, but Kim is sick of dealing with his issues around Saint and North.

“Kanye’s got to fix himself.”

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According to the source, Kanye “went away to give Kim space,” and it’s all part of trying to save his marriage to Kim, but he’s hoping to stay married to Kim.

“At this point, Kim is tired of dealing with his issues and doesn’t want Kanye around the kids.”

There’s another possibility that looks way better for the future of the family. Even though there’s a ton of talk about a Kardashian-West divorce, it might be that Kim is staying home because she trusts Kanye to take care of his problems, and she’s looking after her own health. After all, she’s had a tough time of it lately, with the Paris robbery really shaking her up only a few weeks ago. Kanye’s breakdown and hospitalization must have been the last straw for Kim. No wonder she’s staying close to home and taking some downtime with her kids.

“Kim still isn’t ready to go out. At this point, her concern for Kanye has overtaken any stress she was suffering after the robbery. She doesn’t want to have to answer questions about her husband and their marriage so she’s going to stay hidden for a while. She has absolutely no plans to make any appearances or to even be seen in public at all in the near future.”

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That makes total sense. West has to do whatever it takes to get better if he doesn’t want a divorce and Kardashian has to indulge in some self-care and be there for the kids. It’s been a long haul for the Kardashian-West family. If Kanye was off to get some more therapy when he left L.A. in the wee hours, so much the better.

“Kanye’s behaviour took a huge toll on their marriage. But Kim feels relieved he is getting the help he needs. She thinks this is what it will take to save him — and help their marriage.”

Kim has been super helpful to Kanye throughout his ordeal, flying back from the Angel Ball to be with him in the hospital and staying by his side.

“She’s being a supportive wife.”

A Kardashian friend told Us Magazine that Kim doesn’t actually want to keep the marriage alive, and there’s always the possibility that the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star has finally had enough of West’s antics.

“She cares about Kanye and feels relieved he’s getting the help he needs but she’s felt trapped for a while.”

But whether or not the next step for Kim and Kanye is divorce, it looks like they’re both trying to put the kids first. Kanye left after they were snuggled in bed, and if it’s true that he’s on the verge of another breakdown, he made sure it would happen where they can’t see daddy freaking out.

Kardashian is focussing on being with Saint and North and making sure they aren’t too scared about what’s happening to Kanye and their family.

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