WWE News: Former WWE Superstar Cody Rhodes Joins Bullet Club As Adam Cole And Kenny Omega Rumors Strengthen

Former WWE Superstar Cody Rhodes has managed to do a lot of things since leaving the company, but joining the Bullet Club might be the biggest, and it happened at a time when two of the faction’s top leaders could be on their way to the WWE. Yes, as we know by now, Cody Rhodes decided to leave WWE earlier this year because he felt the company wasn’t letting him be all he could be. He wanted to leave the Stardust character behind, and fans were with him, but WWE just wouldn’t allow it.

This led Rhodes to move away from the character more and more, but without the ability to actually drop it, he only had one choice, and that was to leave. WWE granted his request, which seemed to be more as a favor to the Rhodes family by the McMahon family than anything else. Rhodes has been fighting with WWE over his last name as WWE trademarked the “Cody Rhodes” character. Cody’s real last name is Runnels, but WWE wanted him to go by the Rhodes name when he came in.

They own the name, but Cody has been fighting to keep it. He cleverly uses his wife to use it on the indie scene. They will introduce them as “Cody and Brandi Rhodes,” which is legal since the Brandi Rhodes name was never owned by the WWE, and she was referred to as Eden Stiles there. Now it appears that Cody is doing things he knew he could do, and that is stand out without the Stardust character. This led NJPW to allow him to join- the Bullet Club group, according to Wrestling Inc.

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The move comes at a very important time for New Japan as well. Top members of the group, Adam Cole and Kenny Omega, have been in talks with WWE, and both have expressed interest in joining the company. While Kenny Omega publicly acknowledged being contacted and offered three deals last year, all of which he turned down, he claimed to only do it for one reason. He wanted to work with Kota Ibushi again, who was in New Japan at the time. When he was ready to return, he informed both DDT and NJPW that he would be leaving them.

Unfortunately, this pretty much took all the options away for Omega to work with Ibushi outside of the independent events he is allowed to work, which is usually just Ring of Honor. Meanwhile, Ibushi has worked closely with WWE this year, and it appears as if this relationship will continue. However, he does not want to sign a full-on contract with the organization at this point.

This would give Omega the opportunity to work with Ibushi regardless, and that is still a pretty significant thing. Meanwhile, Adam Cole is a former two-time ROH World Champion, who loved working in Japan. He has not turned down as many WWE deal as Omega, but he is someone the company wants, and most importantly, he wants to work for WWE one day.

Unlike Omega, youth is on the side of Cole. Adam is only 27-years-old, which is around the age WWE prefers to sign wrestlers. However, he could sign at 30 and still be okay. That said, he could avoid WWE for a year or two, and no one would bat an eye at that. Meanwhile, this might be Omega’s last real shot to get an opportunity with the company.

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Omega is 33 years old, and the company would love to bring him in now as there is a lot left to do with him. They might want to use him now, and they could in a couple years as well. However, it is doubtful they would throw him to the top of the card in WWE years later. It is already going to be tough now, but it is much easier for him to come in now rather than later on.

Omega has done just about all one could do in Japan. The only thing he has not done in New Japan is main event Wrestle Kingdom and capture the IWGP Heavyweight. He will main event WK this January, where he has a shot to capture the gold. His contract with New Japan ends a couple months later, which means once he wins the title, he would have done literally all there is to do.

Interestingly, Adam Cole just lost his ROH World Title and usually this is done for storyline reasons. Some think it is due to his contract coming to an end and his departure to WWE. We’ll have to wait and see. However, all of this is interesting at a time when New Japan brought in Cody Rhodes to be part of the Bullet Club. There is a need for a top Western name to be in the group and possibly to lead it. Right now, you can’t do much better than Cody Rhodes; especially if two of the other Westerners already in the group decide to leave.

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