Brad Pitt Pushes To Have Child Custody Documents Sealed, Says Source: Actor Reportedly Wants Privacy In Angelina Jolie Battle Over Kids

The child custody arrangements might have been made, but Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt aren’t done going to court. The latest battle in the Jolie-Pitt divorce has been Brad’s as the ousted father pushes to have his custody drama sealed by the court. Pitt’s motivation for getting a little privacy is all about the kids, according to TMZ, who reported that Brad fears all this publicity over his split with Angelina is going to damage his children.

Brad Pitt filed paperwork on Tuesday to have an emergency hearing, according to the report. Now that the custody hearings are done and it has been determined that the children will stay with Angelina Jolie and have visits with their dad, the Allied star is asking a judge to seal the child custody case in order to keep prying eyes out. He also wants any future child custody information sealed and says the reason for the request is not about celebrity privacy but because he fears for the health of his kids.

Certainly seeing the details of the parents’ divorce and their battle over their large family could be problematic. That is especially true with the older kids, who know how to look up information on the internet and can check in on what their parents are doing — or at least rumors about what their parents are doing — at any given time.

Angeline Jolie was reportedly worried about Brad Pitt’s filing, fearful that her soon-to-be ex-husband might be trying to change the current child custody order. Right now, Angelina has physical custody of all six kids, and Brad only gets monitored visits. The plan is to give Brad unmonitored visits at some point, but not until the family therapist decides that the kids are ready.

As the Jolie-Pitt divorce gets nastier, Brad and Angelina seem to be at odds about everything, including what they think is best for the kids. According to the TMZ report, Brad isn’t happy with Angelina lately because he accuses her of taking their private custody arrangement and making it public so that the world will know what he and the kids are currently going through.

Sources close to Brad are blasting Angelina over the recent child custody decision, which she is blamed for making public when it was not supposed to be. They say Angelina is the bad parent, not Brad because that paperwork should never have been released in the first place.

Apparently, Brad Pitt already has a chance to appear in court today to plead his case with the judge. He’ll ask that the current child custody arrangement and any future changes to it be sealed and that everyone involved be required to stay silent about it. If that is all the A-lister is asking for, there is no reason for a judge should shoot him down. If his motive is to protect the kids, that makes sense and currently, information about his divorce and child custody hearings have been easily obtained.

Despite many rumors that Angelina Jolie is looking to get permanent full custody and move the kids overseas, the Maleficent star is reportedly looking to buy another home in Los Angeles for herself and the kids. Currently, she’s living with all six children in a rental but they will be finding a new permanent home and sticking around the area so that Brad can still spend time with his family despite his divorce from Angelina.

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