Cardi B Is Ready To Fight Swift’s Girlfriend — Did The ‘LHHNY’ Star Leave Tommy For Her Producer?

Cardi B and her producer Swift have been featured heavily on Season 7 of Love & Hip Hop New York. Their nonstop flirting in the studio has led to a kiss, and now it looks like everything is about to get really messy. Both Cardi and Swift are dating other people but that may not last long. Especially after Cardi gets in a fight with Swift’s girlfriend Asia, who popped up to see what kind of music the pair were really making.

Since her debut last season, Cardi B has really become a star. The LHHNY star has been talking about her new celebrity status and it looks like she’s been upgrading more than just her smile. Cardi is still entertaining her jailbird boyfriend Tommy but she hasn’t been incredibly faithful.

On a recent episode of Love & Hip Hop New York, Cardi B and her producer Swift shared a kiss. It was clearly Swift who leaned in and made it happen, but Cardi didn’t pull away either and now their flirtation has gone to the next level. With their work relationship turning into more of a romance, bring on the drama! Naturally, that’s what will happen next because Swift’s girlfriend knows about Cardi but she doesn’t know about Asia (the girlfriend.) So even though Cardi might be stepping out on her man, she had no idea that she was also stepping on another woman’s toes.

It wasn’t until Cardi B was flipping through Swift’s phone that she found some pretty rude texts from his girlfriend that were talking about her. According to VH1, those texts made the reality star pretty mad and from that point, Swift became fair game.

In an upcoming episode of LHHNY, things will come to a head when Asia crashes a studio session and confronts Cardi B. In the previews, things are already looking pretty crazy when Cardi pulls her wig straight off her head revealing the cornrows underneath. That means the Bronx-born rapper is ready to fight and things are about to get real ugly.

As with most Love & Hip Hop New York fights, we can only expect security to step in quick so no one will actually get hurt. However, Cardi doesn’t come across as someone who you’d want to go toe to toe with and Asia may have gotten more than she bargained for by popping up on Cardi and Swift, especially after the LHHNY star threatened to smack her around already.

There are rumors out now that Cardi and Swift might actually be dating but so far it’s all just hearsay. She did say recently that Tommy really doesn’t mind if she kisses Swift and because of that, neither should anyone else.

As far as whether or not Cardi B still plans to marry Tommy when he gets out of jail (or in the prison yard like she talked about last season) it’s all still up in the air. She did recently make it clear on Instagram that even if they don’t stay together, Cardi will still have Tommy’s back. In her social media rant, Cardi made it clear that no matter what, she’s still putting money on Tommy’s books to make sure he can buy stamps and whatever else he needs. She also said that once he gets out of jail, she’ll make sure that he lands on his feet.

Do you think Cardi B should dump Tommy and get serious with Swift? Tune into VH1 on Mondays at 8/7c to see what happens with this dramatic love triangle.

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