WWE Sunny: Tammy Sytch, ‘Backstage Wh*re,’ Reveals Shawn Michaels, Chris Candido Triangle In Tell-All

WWE’s Sunny was the first “diva” in professional wrestling, and for many teenage boys growing up in the 1990s, the best of all time.

In recent years, the name “diva” has been disparaged and, finally, retired. Fans have ribbed on the “divas division” for being poor in-ring talents and only there because of their looks.

NXT began to change all that with performers like Charlotte, Sasha Banks, Bayley, and Becky Lynch, who could put on pay-per-view quality matches to rival the guys.

While in WWE, Sunny competed very little, and the matches were usually forgettable. She was widely known for her looks, and according to a new episode of Something to Wrestle With, the weekly podcast of former WWE executive Bruce Pritchard (aka Brother Love), that was about all she had going for her.

Pritchard and co-host Conrad Thompson convened to break down the recent autobiography of WWE Sunny (real name Tammy Sytch), released in February of this year. Aside from the clunky writing that drew more than a few snickers from Thompson, the pair fixated on Sytch’s sexual exploits.

While performing in the WWE as Sunny, she held a torrid affair with then-top guy Shawn Michaels. This was during a period in Michaels’ career where he was considered difficult to deal with. Sytch, at the time, was living with the late Chris Candido (aka Skip of the Body Donnas, and former NWA World Heavyweight Champion).

Candido had known Sytch since high school. They had been sweethearts until arriving in the WWE. Once there, Michaels took a liking to her and moved in.

While performing in the WWE as Sunny, Sytch writes, she would have sex with Michaels multiple times backstage. Members of the Kliq, she said, would take turns standing watch outside locker rooms where the pair would engage in intercourse.

While they thought they were being discreet, Pritchard said, everyone backstage knew it was going on, including Candido, though in the autobiography, Sytch writes it from the vantage point of not being sure.

Chris earned the sympathy of the other talent for the various humiliations Sytch and Michaels would put him through, including a one-on-one vacation to the Bahamas.

When Candido allowed it to continue without either confronting Shawn or kicking Sytch to the curb, sympathies soured.

In the nearly three-hour episode, Thompson would read select passages from the book and ask Pritchard what he remembered about the revelations. Pritchard said Candido, a guy who “all he ever wanted to do was wrestle, deserved a lot more” than what Sytch gave him and confirmed that “it would not be inaccurate” to think most of the backstage talent saw the WWE’s Sunny as “a wh*re.”

In 2005, Candido — then working at TNA and still in a relationship with Sytch — broke his tibia and fibula and dislocated his ankle in a steel cage match.

Following surgery, he developed acute pneumonia and would die a few days later, though the WWE Sunny autobiography holds that it was a blood clot that killed Chris — a claim his brother Johnny discredited earlier this year in an interview with Pro Wrestling Stories.

For Pritchard, however, most who knew Candido backstage believed Sytch killed Candido emotionally with the Michaels affair, which would only end when the “Heartbreak Kid” dumped her after she refused to move in with him. Michaels would meet his current wife a few weeks after the split.

One last point of tackiness Pritchard and Thompson pointed out before signing off. In the WWE Sunny autobiography, Tammy goes into graphic detail about Shawn’s sexual fetishes and says that she and then-married Bret Hart kissed, “but she didn’t want to hurt his family,” so she didn’t go any further than that.

The WWE Sunny autobiography — A Star Shattered: The Rise and Fall of a Wrestling Diva — is now available in paperback and ebook from Amazon.

Now what say you, wrestling fans?

How do you feel about the WWE Sunny run now that you know the details of her Candido betrayal? Sound off in the comments section below.

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