‘The Walking Dead’ Spoilers – Midseason Finale Preview: Is Rick Going To Be Negan’s Next Kill?

The Walking Dead spoilers midseason finale are pitting Negan against another TWD major character yet again, leaving fans with a lingering question. Who will die next?

AMC’s top-rated apocalyptic TV series have reached another midseason finale which—like any other The Walking Dead episode—is expected to be a bloodbath.

Since The Walking Dead Season 6 introduced us to Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan)—the show’s psychopathic antagonist whose hobby appears to be brutally killing people for no reason, the zombie apocalypse-themed show appears to have had more fatalities than when the protagonists were fighting zombies.

In fact, showrunners finally found the perfect way to kill off fan-favorite characters like Steven Yeun’s Glenn Rhee and Michael Cudlitz’s Abraham, who both survived the zombie apocalypse but bit the dust after the leader of the Saviors decided it was their time to die.

Aside from physical abuse, Negan also has a way of emotionally and mentally torturing our TWD heroes with The Walking Dead Season 7, Episode 7 featuring scenes that showcases this particular talent.

Based on a recap from iDigital Times, Episode 7 left off with Negan “playing house” with Carl (Chandler Riggs), Olivia (Ann Mahoney), and Judith where he made himself at home and even offered that the lady sleep with him while he waits for Rick’s return.

The outlet also reveals The Walking Dead spoilers midseason finale episode that puts more death in Negan’s hand, a couple of which looks to be more surprising than the previous ones.

Citing the comic book version of TWD, the outlet noted how Spencer (Austin Nichols) returned to Alexandria before Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and offered Negan a deal to kill Rick, whom the latter blames for his family’s demise.

While we expect this to end badly for Rick, iDigital Times explained that the comic book version of the show reveals possible The Walking Dead spoilers midseason finale that can be quite surprising—at least for Spencer.

Apparently, Negan hears out Spencer’s deal. He appears to be listening to him intently in a way that would make you think he actually considers agreeing to it.

And then, out of the blue, Negan brings out his knife and guts Spencer right in the middle of the streets of Alexandria. He then reveals that he despises cowards, telling Spencer’s lifeless body some cruel but witty words.

“You did have guts. I’ve never been so wrong before in my life.”

Now while that can leave fans at the edge of their seats, what will happen next can be quite interesting as more details are revealed.

According to The Walking Dead spoilers midseason finale from iDigital Times, while Rick and Spencer may not have always been close buds, the remaining Alexandrian survivor doesn’t take Negan’s hobby of killing in his hometown very well.

Rick will then try to come up with ways on how to deal with the threat Negan poses to the Alexandrians while not risking angering him and causing much more bloodbath, especially now that he is beginning to get close to Judith.

The Walking Dead spoilers midseason finale says it would be good if Rick could team up with other people who want Negan dead like Rosita (Christian Serratos), who seeks revenge for Abraham’s death, Michonne (Danai Gurira), and Carl, who was able to take down two of Negan’s men. All of whom have a small chance of succeeding alone as reported by TV Guide.

Of course, it would be more dramatic if Negan and Rick’s position on the earlier part of Season 7 reverses and the former becomes the submissive.

What did you think of these The Walking Dead spoilers? Midseason finale for TWD Season 7 titled “Hearts Still Beating” airs on Sunday at 9/8c on AMC.

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