Garrett Morris Defends Chevy Chase’s ‘Racist’ Outburst, Asks Fans Not To Judge

What does Garrett Morris think about Chevy Chase’s “racist” outburst on the set of Community? It’s a question the African-American actor has been asked a lot lately.

Morris and Chase are old pals, having worked together on Saturday Night Live during its formative years. In light of Chase’s recent outburst, during which the actor used the “N-word,” Morris was asked by MSN TV what he thinks of the whole incident.

“I can see where he’s coming from,” the 75-year-old said, adding that his costars on CBS’ 2 Broke Girls have asked how he feels about Chase’s comments. “I can’t say that I agree with him blowing up on the set but maybe, sometimes, that’s what you have to do. You don’t know how long it’s been going on. Don’t do the judging thing.”

Cast-mates on Saturday Night Live until Chase’s departure in 1976, Morris says that while the two don’t keep in regular contact (in fact, they haven’t spoken in years) Morris is still grateful to Chase for writing the “hearing-impaired” sketch for SNL, which Morris is still known for to this day. A clip of it is posted below.

Morris seems to find fault more with 69-year-old Chase’s lack of professionalism on the Community set. Chase’s use of the racial epithet was allegedly to make a point about his disappointment in his character’s increasingly bigoted views in the show.

“I would never do that,” Morris said of Chase’s outburst. “I would have my own way of doing it. I would go to my agent or my manager. Essentially, unless you’re against the wall, let them look bad.”

What did you think of Chevy Chase’s outburst on the set of Community? Was it justified, or is there no justification for the use of the “N-word?” Sound off: