Caroline Stanbury On ‘Ladies Of London’ Co-Star: Juliet Angus Not A Bad Person?

Caroline Stanbury decided to come back for another season of Ladies of London even though her husband took another job in Dubai. As the season began, Stanbury was getting ready to pack up her home, as new tenants would be renting out her English estate. While she was dealing with the emotions of leaving her home behind, she was also dealing with a brand new season of cliquey women. Stanbury believes that this season is unlike any other season of the show, especially because the women are sticking together more than ever before. And this makes it hard for her to know which friend is loyal.

According to a new Bravo report, Caroline Stanbury is now revealing that she does have one loyal friend in Juliet Angus. As fans saw on the first episode of the season, the drama still lingers between Caroline and Julie Montagu. The two thought that a confrontation would take place between them due to the drama from Season 2, but the ladies kept their cool for the most part. It was clear that this friendship wasn't one to be saved.

Caroline Stanbury recently opened up about her friendship with Juliet Angus in a new interview with TooFab, according to Bravo. And she reveals that the viewers may have misunderstood Angus from the time the show started. Apparently, there's nothing mean about the way Juliet is, but she does need to work on her delivery.

"We just have fun together. I think that Juliet is so misunderstood on the show because as I've said many times, it's not what she says but how she delivers it," Caroline Stanbury explained about her friend and Ladies of London co-star, adding, "But she's so much fun and such a good laugh to have around and so easy to travel with."

It sounds like Stanbury and Angus may have developed a friendship that goes much deeper than their roles on Ladies of London. Since the show wrapped last season, it is possible that these ladies have spent plenty of time together and traveled around the world. And now that Caroline will be spending much of her time in Dubai, you can beat that Angus will come to visit her and Caroline's husband. And maybe this is the kind of friendship that Caroline appreciates these days.

"[At] this stage in my life you've got so many problems and different things to go through that when you find someone who is easy and you just have a good time with, you hold onto that person," Caroline Stanbury explained about why she's holding on to Juliet so tightly when it comes to friendships, hinting that some of her friendships may have changed over the past year.

It sounds like Caroline may hold a grudge against her Ladies of London co-stars because they haven't been so sensitive to her situation. On the previous season of the show, Stanbury had to close her business, as they ran out of funding and her investors were not interested in giving her more money. And all Stanbury wanted was some sympathy and support during this rough time.

"These girls have just discovered each other and when the [show's] on or off they just want to live and breathe each other and that's just not what I want to do," Caroline Stanbury explained about this season's friendships, revealing that her Ladies of London co-stars may change once the show starts to film.

"I think that the girls forgot — because I don't ask for their help and I'm not interested in getting cuddles from them all — but I had just lost my business and I wasn't as strong as I normally am, and I was coping with legal stuff," Caroline Stanbury continued, adding, "They are so absorbed in taking me down at this stage that I think they can't see what I'm going through. I think they all ganged up a lot on me this season and Julie was at the helm."

What do you think of Caroline Stanbury's decision to defend Juliet Angus?

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