Dog Saves Man’s Life From Raging Fire, Canine Ingests Heroin Tossed Over Fence By Fleeing Drug Dealer

Recently, a fire in a garage spread to the entire home. The only occupants left in the house at the time were a young man named Randy Bova and the family dog, Bailey. If it had not been for Bailey’s warning, Bova would not be alive today, according to a Life With Dogs report.

Supposedly, the house fire started from a power tool that was plugged into an outlet. The fire engulfed the garage and spread rapidly to the second floor of the house, where Bova, 27, was listening to music. He was unaware a blaze was raging due to the music. His mother, Lucy, was not at home at the time of the blaze.

Furthermore, the flames and smoke had not reached the region of the home where he relaxed. Later, he admitted that had the flames reached him, it would have been too late to escape the effects of smoke inhalation or direct exposure.

Robert Bova, the man’s brother spoke to the Dodo about the incident.

“I think we would have lost my brother due to the speed the fire spread.”

Bailey noticed the fire when it spread to the first floor. She ran upstairs to warn Randy about the danger. Luckily, Randy was able to hear Bailey’s barking over his music.

He opened the door and was greeted with a black cloud of smoke. Quickly, Randy picked up the dog and ran out of the house, as he explained.

“When he went out our back door, he looked at the side of the house, and the entire thing was engulfed in flames.”

In the end, the family lost everything except their lives. While they are sad about the loss of their home and personal items, they are relieved that Bailey and Randy are still alive.

“She means the world to us,” Robert said.

“She brought me, my brother, and my mother closer together as a family. Once we got this dog, she was the centerpiece of our family’s relationship.”

The event happened back in June 2016. As of September 2016, the family is still staying in a hotel. A fundraiser has been set up to help the family find a new home. Stay tuned for updates to this story.

Recently, a Golden Retriever was the unsuspecting victim of a drug dealer. The dog became interested in evidence the suspected dealer had tossed over the fence of Bark & Play, a daycare facility in Denver, Colorado. Allegedly, the “evidence” turned out to be bags of heroin.

Garrett Bishop, the owner of Bark & Play, told WHNT News 19 that 17 bags were found in the yard, but workers did not realize what was in them at the time. Apparently, a man possessing illegal narcotics was running from the police.

“Luckily, my employees are right on top of it and within 10 seconds of seeing a foreign object on the ground, they were on it. They are the reason these dogs are safe.”

Despite the fast action by the employees, there were still 14 dogs in the yard at that time. Sadly, a Retriever named Charlie consumed one of the bags and was rushed to the emergency room for treatment.

Charlie’s owner, Laura, was shocked when she heard the news from Bishop.

“My heart skipped a beat. They said ‘Charlie ate a bag of heroin and she’s at the vet,’ and I thought, ‘you have to be kidding me, that’s ridiculous.’”

“Her eyes were kind of clouded over, she didn’t have any energy. She looked really sick,” Laura said. “I don’t know how much heroin she ingested, or the potency of heroin, or the effects of heroin on dogs, so I was really worried that she could die.”

Thankfully, the doctors at the hospital were able to give Charlie drugs to counteract the heroin’s effects. Laura was thankful that they were able to save her dog and that she was alive.

As for the man fleeing from police, officials say he was caught a short time later and arrested.

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