‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Alexis Faces Julian, Jason And Curtis Catch A Break, And Lulu’s Intrigued By Charlotte [Updated]

General Hospital spoilers for the week of December 5 tease that there are juicy moments on the way. Julian has let Alexis know that he’s well aware of the fact that she’s the one who ran him over and he’s going to be looking for something in exchange for keeping quiet. Valentin is using Charlotte to get closer to Nina, but Lulu is going to take an interest in the girl as well. Curtis, Jason, and Sam are digging into the car explosion while Sonny is scrambling after Nelle’s scam. What else can fans expect from the next few episodes?

Julian told Alexis he knows she ran him over and General Hospital spoilers detail that he will throw out an offer that she’ll have to seriously consider if she wants to pursue getting her law license back and stay out of jail. Soap Central indicates that Julian’s plan will catch Alexis off guard and many suspect that he will force her to take care of him as he recuperates in exchange for not ratting her out. The show seems intent on finding a way to reunite these two, but will viewers go for this? In addition, Sam will have some concerns about what’s going on with her parents as she questions her mother’s suddenly softer attitude toward her father.

Nelle thinks that she has Sonny right where she wants him after setting him up and making him think that they hopped into bed together, but she seemingly left her necklace back at his place and this has left her somewhat rattled. While she may initially be flustered about this, it may well be that she’ll soon look to use this to her advantage and General Hospital spoilers note that she will continue to manipulate Sonny.

'General Hospital' stars Maurice Benard and Laura Wright

While Sonny is in something of a panic over this supposed transgression with Nelle, he is on the verge of repairing his relationship with Carly and Carly has made it clear that she’s standing by him as Ava tries to fight for Avery again. General Hospital spoilers from We Love Soaps note that Sonny and Carly will do some reflecting on happier times together during Tuesday’s show as they start to look forward together.

Jason and Curtis will come up with a new lead in their investigation and General Hospital spoilers note that they’ll be uncovering something significant soon. In addition, Jordan will be sharing something important with Curtis and it sounds as if this may be related to the case as well. As the investigation continues, teasers note that Jason and Sam will hit a doctor’s appointment where they discuss the opportunity to learn the gender of their baby.

Valentin is continuing to woo Nina and utilizing Charlotte to help his progress, and General Hospital spoilers detail that Lulu will meet Charlotte and feel an immediate connection to her. There have been a lot of theories floating around regarding Charlotte and the possibility that she’s actually Lulu’s biological daughter, and it sounds as if Lulu will consider that possibility as well. Lulu and Dante will want to learn more about the little girl and teasers indicate that soon Nathan and Dante will be having a chat with Valentin.

'General Hospital' star James Patrick Stuart

Nina will be facing more pushback when it comes to her willingness to get close to Valentin and this new pair will get closer as the week progresses. Ava will be suspicious of Alexis and her motives and Anna continues to try to uncover more about Valentin. It sounds as if viewers can expect to see some wedding preparations from Maxie as her wedding day to Nathan draws near and Hayden’s health is seemingly going to decline again. In addition, Elizabeth will decide to take action on some issue in the coming days.

Could Charlotte actually be Lulu’s biological daughter? If so, how does Valentin figure into the situation? What will Jason and Curtis discover, and what’s coming next for Alexis and Julian? General Hospital spoilers detail that there is plenty of drama on the way and fans are curious to see what’s coming up next.

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