Coco Austin Celebrates Chanel Nicole's First Birthday With Sweet Photos At Sugar Factory

Coco Austin and Ice T's little girl is officially 1-year-old! Baby Chanel Nicole celebrated her first birthday today, one week later than her actual November 28 birthday, at the Sugar Factory.

Coco took to SnapChat to share photos and videos from her daughter's special day. The 37-year-old posed with Chanel while wearing matching red dresses. In true Coco style, the little girl is seen accessorized with a flower headband as well.

Coco Austin Chanel Nicole birthday
[Image by Coco Austin/SnapChat]

Austin continued the fun with a snap of Chanel's birthday cake, which is themed after the fashion brand. Coco shared photos of plenty of treats, including cupcakes and other goodies as she exclaimed there's "so much sugar in this room!"

Coco Austin Chanel Nicole birthday
[Image by Coco Austin/SnapChat]

The festivities included music, dancing, and lots of balloons as Chanel celebrated in style. The little girl posed with both parents as she and Coco sported matching Minnie Mouse ears in a SnapChat video.

Coco Austin Chanel Nicole birthday
[Image by Coco Austin/SnapChat]

Chanel's birthday celebrations began earlier in the day as Coco shared a photo on Instagram before the party. The baby is seen looking sleepy as she sports a pink party hat with a caption announcing the family is finally celebrating.

"In a zone.. Finally celebrating my birthday later on today! (After a week delay) They put me in this hat the minute I woke up. I'm still sleepy...I haven't even woken up..."
Austin spent the past week mourning the sudden and unexpected loss of one of her Bulldog, Spartacus. She said on SnapChat that the dog had died following a surgery and sedation. Coco was obviously very upset regarding the loss of her beloved pet and said she had been feeling low. Because of this, she decided to honor Spartacus before celebrating her daughter's birthday.

Coco shared a throwback photo on Instagram explaining this to fans as she remembered the day Chanel Nicole was born.

"Happy Birthday baby girl! The love I have for her no words can explain. This is the moment I met her for the 1st time right out of the womb...because I've been mourning over Spartacus's pass I put Chanel's Birthday on hold."
Since announcing she was expecting, Coco has received a lot of attention regarding her daughter. She made news over the fact she barely gained any weight during her pregnancy and had a tiny baby bump even when close to full term, reported Radar Online. Austin, a fitness model, kept active throughout her pregnancy.

She surprised fans by sharing a photo just before giving birth that shows her with a small bump at 37 weeks.

Coco was very open with fans throughout her pregnancy with Chanel and even started a blog to keep the public updated. She started an Instagram and Twitter account for Chanel as soon as she was born as well. The model continues to update fans through social media on Chanel's milestones, fashion, and other events the family is involved with.

Last month, Chanel posed for her first ever magazine shoot for Vintage New York City Magazine. The baby was dressed in a pink tulle skirt and pearls that matched her mom's outfit.

It's no secret Austin enjoys dressing Chanel up and wearing matching outfits with her daughter. Over the summer, Coco shared photos of the mother-daughter duo wearing matching swimsuits as she referred to Chanel as her twin.
"There's nothing like having a best friend to twin with! Weekend was a blast!"
It seems Coco has kept this tradition alive as she shares birthday photos while once again wearing matching outfits with her daughter. Baby Chanel has had one sweet celebration and there's many more to come!

[Featured Image by Rob Kim/Getty Images]