Apollo Nida Ready To Divorce 'Real Housewives Of Atlanta' Star Phaedra Parks -- Did He File Or Is He Just Finishing Up The Process?

Did Phaedra Parks lie when she claimed to have filed for divorce from Apollo Nida? The Real Housewives of Atlanta star made it clear that she wasn't taking her felonious husband back and even said she wouldn't date until the divorce was final. It turns out that the divorce wasn't so final after all and Apollo finally has responded to her petition to end their marriage.

Just last month, Phaedra announced that she finalized her divorce from Apollo and that she was a free woman. Almost immediately, rumors started to circulate claiming that not only was Phaedra not divorced but that she never even filed in the first place. That makes more sense because when Apollo learned that Phaedra had divorced him, he acted surprised and had no knowledge of the filing.

Soon after the divorce report began to circulate, fans learned that Apollo Nida has been dating someone who wasn't Phaedra since just before getting locked up. Apollo claims to have met Sherien Almufti before turning himself into authorities to serve an eight-year prison sentence. It must be a coincidence that Sherien lives near the prison where he is housed and because of that, she can visit Apollo twice a week.

In any case, Reality Tea reported that Apollo is not completely divorced from Phaedra and this is where it gets messy. While some outlets have been reporting that no divorce was ever filed and Apollo finally filed the paperwork himself, others have reported that the incarcerated reality star was just responding to Phaedra Parks' divorce filing from back in October 2014.

TMZ reported that it was Apollo Nida who filed for divorce from Phaedra Parks and it didn't happen until Thursday, when documents were filed in Georgia. According to the documents, Apollo is asking for shared custody of their two children Ayden and Dylan as well as half of their assets. Apollo claims that he and Phaedra split in June 2014, just months before his incarceration.

At this point, it's not known if Apollo was just responding to Phaedra's filing or if he was filing his own divorce paperwork. What is clear, though, is that Apollo is ready to move on and be done with his marriage to Phaedra Parks. Especially now that he's engaged to someone else and everyone knows about it.

For just over two years, Apollo quietly "dated" New Jersey real estate agent Sherien Almufti while serving time behind bars. Just last month, Apollo made his relationship with Almufti known, and he asked her to marry him. We also learned that Sherien has been filming with Real Housewives of Atlanta, so fans will have a chance to get a good look at her as she interacts with the Bravo cast.

News that Apollo Nida is pushing to finalize his divorce with Phaedra Parks comes right on the heels of news that he is ready to move on with Sherien Almufti. Or he's ready to move on as much as you can for a man who is halfway done serving a prison sentence.

To prove how ready Apollo is to marry Sherien and move on with the next chapter of his life, the soon-to-be ex-Real Housewives of Atlanta husband announced that he is engaged to his new love. He also recently gave Sherien Almufti a ring, albeit a paper ring, which his new fiance showed off proudly. Due to his prison situation, Sherien will have to wait before Apollo can buy her a real ring. She might have to wait a long time too, because when Apollo Nida gets out of prison, he has a lot of money to repay.

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