'Knocked Up' Coming To Lifetime -- New Reality Show Chronicles Pregnant Single Moms

Knocked Up is the newest reality show to hit the Lifetime network. The premise of the show would be better suited for something like MTV, though they are trying to target women who are in their thirties. The creative minds behind 16 & Pregnant and the Teen Mom franchise came up with the idea for Knocked Up. It is a situation that affects many women across the country in almost every age range you can imagine. With something like this on the air, the goal is to have other women know they aren't alone and to help them make a decision they are comfortable with concerning their unborn child.

The series premiere of Knocked Up will air on Lifetime Dec. 6. The first story featured is a woman in her thirties who is now a reformed party girl. Audra Nothoff finds herself pregnant after one night of fun. She will join two other ladies in the same situation, all with unique outcomes. According to Starcasm, Knocked Up will show the struggle Audra Nothoff faces when deciding what to do about her pregnancy after the baby's father tells her he doesn't want to be involved. At this point in her life, she was content not having children. In fact, she alleges she got pregnant while she was having her period.
An official description of Knocked Up can be found on Lifetime's website. As of now, there will be three ladies featured. All of them discovered they were pregnant after one night of fun. While the synopsis doesn't go into detail for all of the ladies, Audra Nothoff shared her story on Instagram via photos explaining her ups and downs while going through the pregnancy. Knocked Up has been in the works for quite some time, but finally found a home on the Lifetime network. With all of the women this happens to, it will surely be able to find a fan base.
Many of the issues of pregnancy will be discussed on Knocked Up. From weight gain and changing appearances to feasible living conditions for a newborn, the ladies featured in the reality show will have a rude awakening. It is unclear if any of the fathers have decided to take part in the process, but as of now, Audra Nothoff did reveal she is in court with her son's father. Her story is featured on the series premiere, offering a unique look at what happens to someone who has gone most of her life content with not having children. Her social media account shows she is now happy with the decision to raise her son, but at one point, Nothoff had considered adoption.
There is some anticipation that Knocked Up will receive some backlash and the ladies on it will have opened themselves up to mass public scrutiny. On shows like Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2, the girls who participate face harsh criticism across social media. The judgments have affected their lives and they often remain silent about the rumors in hopes things will eventually settle down. Audra Nothoff has no idea how her life will change after Tuesday night, but she will get a quick reality check as more and more people seek her out.
It will be interesting to see if Knocked Up will be picked up on the Lifetime network or if it will fall to the wayside like other reality shows have. The target audience is hard to nail for this network and unless it is the weekly movies, very little succeeds past one or two seasons. Knocked Up is the adult version of Teen Mom, and that is a scary reality for people who aren't ready to become parents.

[Featured Image by Audra Nothoff/Instagram]