Johnny Manziel News: ‘Johnny Football’ Escapes Jail With A PBJ Ruling In His Domestic Violence Case

In Johnny Manziel news, Christmas came early for the former NFL quarterback, as his lawyer has worked out a deal in his domestic violence assault case on his former girlfriend, and if he follows all of the conditions, he will not be spending time behind bars. But even though the court, which allegedly will offer a probation-before-judgement type of deal, which will wipe the charges off of Manziel’s record, he is still currently chasing a good party all over Miami rather than laying low, and dedicating himself to returning to the NFL while he is still in his twenties.

In April, Johnny Manziel was charged and indicted by a grand jury with an assault on his former girlfriend, Colleen Crowley, says the Inquisitr. At that time, the prosecution was confident that they had a solid case, and that Manziel would be found guilty and have to pay for the attack on Crowley, who says that she was hit in the head so hard that she temporarily lost hearing in one ear. Crowley added that Manziel threatened to kill her as he forced her into a car, and slammed her head against the dashboard.

Just hours before the Dallas County District Attorney was to make an announcement about the case of Johnny Manziel, or “Johnny Football” as he was called in college, Manziel was seen in a Miami club, partying with what is being described as a large group of girls. Manziel spent the bulk of the evening at Story nightclub, according to sources.

“Johnny Manziel was with a large group of girls at the beginning of the night and the table ordered bottles of champagne.”


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But the same sources said that Johnny Manziel called it a night earlier in the evening than usual.

“Manziel held a bottle of Ace of Spades [champagne] in his hand the majority of the night. He went home relatively early [around 2 a.m.], saying to the girls that he is trying to take it easy.”

The Associated Press is reporting that Dallas County prosecutors reached an agreement with Manziel for the charges against Manziel to be dismissed if Manziel meets certain conditions and the court is satisfied. Manziel was facing a year in jail for the assault.

The Washington Post says that Johnny Manziel will have to submit to some serious counseling if he wants to satisfy the Dallas County prosecutor. Manziel must be in therapy for at least a year, at which time the prosecutor will be willing to drop the charges against the former QB. But this deal still does not have the signature of the presiding judge, who must sign off on the deal for it to be official. Prosecutor Jerry Varney says that this case is a misdemeanor, and so deals before court are not unusual, perhaps trying to say that Manziel is not receiving special treatment because of his celebrity.

“It is common for it to be offered and it is common for it to be accepted. This is not something new and novel.”

Johnny Manziel, who is a former Heisman Trophy winner, remains unemployed, and is also dealing with another lawsuit involving an assault on a bar employee whom he allegedly punched in the face, breaking his nose, this September in Austin, Texas. The Austin case is something that the Dallas prosecutor will be watching for Manziel to get this PBJ deal.

Do you think that Johnny Manziel deserves this deal if he assaulted his ex-girlfriend?

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