Johnny Manziel Friends Concerned, Saying ‘He’s Gonna Die’

Whether it’s fear of failure or fear of success, Johnny Manziel doesn’t look anything like the young man who was winning awards and getting drafted into NFL just two years ago. He is gaunt, has sunken eyes with dark circles, and has repeatedly rebuffed offers from friends to get help.

In just the last month, Manziel has been involved in yet another car crash, been indicted for beating a former girlfriend, and been thrown out of yet another Vegas club for being drunk and sloppy. To watch a young man like Manziel with so much promise crashing and burning in front of our eyes is the definition of a train wreck.

According to the Inquisitr, Johnny Manziel is officially unemployed yet still wandering around all of the hot spots with an enabling posse that includes Kardashian hanger-on, Scott Disick, who is also unemployed. The Cleveland Browns let Manziel go because they believe that he has shown a disrespect for the team, the NFL, and for himself, and they grew tired of waiting for the other shoe to drop. For the moment, Manziel is not the kind of risk any other NFL wants to accept.

TMZ is reporting that those close to Johnny Manziel fear that unless something drastic is done, Manziel is going to die. Manziel has reportedly gotten so reckless that he is using cocaine in front of strangers and spending his days drunk in public. Friends are speaking out to the media in an effort to get Manziel’s attention.

“He’s in a horrible downward spiral,” an insider explained.

When confronted about his issues, Manziel allegedly flipped out and would not listen. Friends are hoping if Manziel sees in print that friends are scared he is going to die, he might pay attention. Manziel is getting worse; he is now banned from several bars and clubs, as he has now gotten publicly violent.

A Vegas nightclub source claims that they were sorry to ban Manziel, but he gave them no choice, which is a lot to say for Vegas, where most patrons are under the influence.

“He’s too much of a risk. He’s a good guy, but he’s a f***ing mess.”

Manziel has talked about his NFL comeback plans with TMZ Sports, yet nobody has seen him working out or making any effort at all to get back to being employed by the NFL. It seems as if Manziel is expecting a call from an NFL team any day and that all will be right with the world.

Even Manziel’s father is at the end of his rope and doesn’t know what to do to help his son, who is no longer listening to his family.

TMZ Sports spoke exclusively to Paul Manziel, who says that Johnny Manziel has refused attempts to get him into rehab twice. Paul Manziel wants Johnny Manziel to get help before he ends up in jail or dead.

“I truly believe if they can’t get him help, he won’t live to see his 24th birthday.”

Paul Manziel said that after the incident where Johnny Manziel beat up his former girlfriend, they tried to take him to a rehab facility, Enterhealth Ranch addiction facility in Van Alstyne, but Johnny Manziel refused to stay. Paul Manziel said that afterward, the family tried to get Johnny Manziel into Carrollton Springs Hospital, which specializes in addiction stemming from mental illness, and again, the younger Manziel refused to stay.

After Paul Manziel made the statement to TMZ Sports, they contacted Johnny Manziel for a comment.

“I’m completely stable. I’m safe and secure,” he explained.

NBC Sports claims that Johnny Manziel will never play football in the NFL again and has blown his chance to play professional football. Since the NFL has washed their hands of Manziel, it is said that they are no longer concerned with his reckless behavior from the point of view of an employer.

NBC Sports is reporting that Manziel “washed out” of the NFL not because of his on-field behavior, though that was less than stellar, but because of Manziel’s regular off-field antics.

Do you think that Johnny Manziel will ever play in the NFL again? Do you think that Manziel’s life is in danger?

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