Watch Wes Anderson Movie Partnered With H&M For A Christmas Short Film [Video]

Christmas is coming early for Wes Anderson movie fans, as he has teamed up with international retailer H&M to make a holiday short film called Come Together. Anderson brings fans a quirky story of a train conductor, played by Adrien Brody, who has to suddenly create Christmas for passengers stuck on a train for the holiday.

Wes Anderson has put his unique stamp on the short film which is anything but the conventional holiday advertisement. More and more, directors like Anderson and Robert Redford are delivering films that speak of the people behind the camera, says the Inquisitr. But unlike Redford who has been fluid about the actors he works with, Wes Anderson movies tend to use the same people over and over again, like the star of Come Together, Adrien Brody. Anderson’s mastery makes the viewer forget that the short film is actually a long commercial for H&M.

When fans of Wes Anderson picture what a Wes Anderson ad would look like, they are probably not far off, says the Los Angeles Times. Picture The Grand Budapest Hotel, set on a train, subtly selling the wares of H&M. Brody is the conductor of a train, going through a cold and snowy terrain, when he gets the message that bad weather will delay the train for 11 hours, causing most of the people on board panic about their Christmas plans. Thinking quickly, Brody wants to throw together something to make the holiday special regardless.

Brody and his porter get busy making decorations and offer passengers “chocolate-flavored hot beverage with whipped topping.”


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It’s easy for a moment to forget that this is an H&M ad, until you see each passenger coming out of their cabin, single file, dressed far more hipster than Wes Anderson aesthetic as they walk the makeshift catwalk to the holiday brunch that Brody has brought together.

Conductor Adrien Brody and his faithful sidekick Fritz have Santa hats and a tree delivered on the fly, says Rolling Stone. With John Lennon’s “Happy Xmas” playing in the background, Wes Anderson subtly has H&M showing their winter collection. But this isn’t Anderson’s first turn in the realm of advertising, as he has made commercials for Stella Artois, American Express, and Prada.

Donald Clarke of the Irish Times says that this short film/advertisement could only be made by Wes Anderson, and that if someone else made it, it would seem false and phony. The H&M commercial has a consistent camera angle that screams Wes Anderson, as if the cast of The Grand Budapest Hotel were at any moment going to run down the aisle.

The clothes on the models/actors are new, but everything else has a vintage feel, like the John Lennon music and the book being read, which is Agatha Christie (plus the train that looks like it’s right out of the 1950s).

Adrien Brody and Fritz are wearing uniforms that haven’t been used on a railway for decades, but other than the railroad employees, the people on the train look very stylish. Wes Anderson fans will just see this short film as a stocking stuffer from the director, but others might just see it as another commercial, inviting nostalgia and wishing all a Merry Christmas and a happy holiday season from H&M.

Do you like Wes Anderson? Is the movie combining a Wes Anderson storyline with an H&M ad appealing to you?

[Featured Image by YouTube]