Kim Throws Balloon Party For Saint’s First Birthday And Kanye West Homecoming

Kim Kardashian West organized a balloon-filled celebration in honor of her son, Saint’s, first birthday, as well as her husband, Kanye, who was recently released from the hospital.

Kim Kardashian had organized the balloon-filled event for Saint, who will be turning 1 on December 5. The party was attended by the Kardashian sisters Khloe, Kourtney, and Kylie Jenner. Saint’s big sister, North, was also present. There was also a very special guest, Kanye West, and the celebration was partly for him. West was released from his eight-day hospitalization on November 30. The hip-hop icon was hospitalized after reportedly suffering from sleep deprivation and severe fatigue.

“Kanye came home for several reasons. Saint and North being one. Kanye is feeling better but is seeking outpatient support and help,” a source revealed to E! News.

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The Kardashian family used the opportunity to have a breather at the party, which was a welcome relief considering the difficult situations that they have gone through this year. West has been the subject of constant media scrutiny since news about his hospitalization hit the newswires. Doctors kept West under close observation at the hospital, but his recent release means he is recovering. Nevertheless, he will still remain under constant observation as part of outpatient support to follow up with his medical progress.

Kim supported Kanye throughout the entire time that West was in the hospital. It was a tough time for her and the children, and reports stated that Kim was devastated and worried for her children. She did not know what her husband’s fate would be, and she was also worried because the kids were had not seen their dad since he was hospitalized. She did not know how to explain the situation to North and Saint. Kim was also afraid of letting the children visit Kanye at the hospital.

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The 30-year-old artist is reportedly happy to be back home after spending a very tough eight days at the UCLA Medical Center. He checked himself into the hospital on November 21 where he was reported to be suffering from dehydration and severe exhaustion. Prior to his hospitalization, West was on his Saint Pablo Tour, and he had an incident on stage where he angrily walked off-stage in the middle of a live show.

“Everyone is just happy he’s back home and things can go back to normal,” a source reported about West.

A celebration was thus highly deserved, and Kim made sure that she threw a welcome home party for her husband. It was a joint celebration since they were also celebrating Saint’s birthday. It was also a low-key party because the family did not want a lot of publicity. Luckily, the Kardashian sisters provided a bit of insight as to what went down courtesy of social media posts. Kylie, Khloe, and Kourtney posted photos revealing lots of balloons hanging from a high ceiling. The venue for the private party was not disclosed.

Kanye’s discharge from the hospital is good news for the family, as well as his fans, because it means things can now go back to normal after an intense week. Luckily for West, Kim was by his side supporting him loyally throughout the unfortunate episode. It was quite a tough time on Kim, but now she can relax knowing that things are getting better and her children can now spend time with their dad.

West was also released just in time to enjoy the festive season in the company of his family. West was scheduled to hold numerous other shows prior to his medical meltdown, but he canceled the remaining shows before going to the hospital. The welcome home balloon party thrown by Kim marks the beginning of a well-deserved rest for Kanye as he spends time with the family.

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