‘Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars’ Shocker: Tanner Tolbert Fears Divorce From Jade Roper

Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars is back again with a brand new cast. The show follows various reality stars as they work through their relationships. Tanner Tolbert and Jade Roper were announced as part of the cast back in August. They got married after only spending a few weeks together on Bachelor in Paradise, and it looks like things haven’t been all roses and sunshine for the couple. Could there be a divorce in their future?

During Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars, the couples will go through exercises together in order to strengthen their relationship. There will be plenty of time to talk things through and reveal feelings they have been holding back. According to Us Weekly, Tanner Tolbert reveals he fears getting divorced from Jade Roper on Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars. After being asked his fear and revealing it, he goes on to say the reason he is worried about divorce is because they got married so fast. Roper and Tolbert rushed into a relationship and since he has seen marriages fall apart in his family, a wall has been built to protect himself from being hurt by the fear of divorce.

Jade Roper was on The Bachelor first. She made it pretty far but ended up being cut before the end. Rumors were that it didn’t work out because of the Playboy photos she had done. While that was not the case, it was shocking for Chris Soules to find out she had posed when they had almost made it to the end. He ended up choosing someone else instead, and Roper decided to give Bachelor in Paradise a try. That is where she met and fell in love with Tanner Tolbert. To find out the newlyweds are already on a show like Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars was shocking. Last season Sean and Catherine Lowe were on the show and it seemed to help their marriage, so fans are hopeful for Tanner and Jade this time around.

The answer for Jade Roper on Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars was about how she felt about herself. Growing up, she had a damaging relationship with her mother. From a very young age, Roper taught herself to believe she was disgusting. Her poor self-esteem has taken a toll on her marriage. A fellow Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars cast member offered her advice in her time of need. Since this was all part of a group session, Karen Gravano from Mob Wives spoke up. She gave her advice that was direct, which is something Jade needed.

There were a lot of critics for Jade Roper and Tanner Tolbert when they decided to put marriage on the table. Their relationship was a whirlwind romance and they ended up walking down the aisle after meeting on Bachelor in Paradise. Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars is definitely not where fans thought the couple would be at this point. There is plenty of anticipation for children, though that isn’t coming easily for Roper and Tolbert. The have reportedly been trying for a while, with no success. With all of the counseling received on Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars, there is hope that they won’t have to face divorce at all.

An all-new episode of Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars airs on WE tv on December 2. The cast this season includes Bachelor nation couple Jade Roper and Tanner Tolbert; Mob Wives star Karen Gravano and her boyfriend, Storm; and Jim and Amber Marchese from the Real Housewives of New Jersey. Fireworks are expected, especially with so many powerful people in the same room. Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars is going to change things for Jade Roper and Tanner Tolbert this season, including breaking down walls they didn’t know existed.

[Featured Image by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images]