‘The Walking Dead’ Spoilers: S07E07 ‘Sing Me A Song’ Complete Episode Breakdown

Warning: This article contains definite The Walking Dead spoilers for the upcoming episode, “Sing Me A Song,” that airs on December 4, 2016, in the form of a complete episode breakdown. If you don’t want to know what happens, stop reading right now.

Okay, now that that’s out of the way, let’s get to it, shall we? There’s no doubt to any fan of The Walking Dead that Season 7 has been brutal and slow. It’s been a slow pressure cooker of a season that started with a bang (or two) and has since then seemed content to a simmer. Well, here we are at the last two episodes of the season, and things are definitely about to boil over.

The teaser for the episode (as shown above) shows Michonne walking along the road by herself, and the woman has a plan. She’s killing walkers left and right and piles them up on the road, eventually luring out a a female Savior. Michonne threatens the Savior, telling her to either take Michonne to Negan, or Michonne is going to kill her.

The second clip, shown below shows Jesus riding in a truck. Remember at the end of Episode 5, Carl had hidden in the truck that was headed back to Negan and was discovered by Jesus. Well, the two of them are going to make like a couple of vagabonds and head all the way to the Savior’s hideout. As they near, Jesus tries to convince Carl to jump out. Carl tells Jesus to go first, and once he does, Carl waves goodbye and continues on.

Carl then finds a box of weapons and makes himself ready. Negan and some Saviors arrive after the truck pulls up to inspect the goods. Carl pops up, gun blazing and manages to take out two of Negan’s Saviors, but misses Negan completely. Dwight overpowers Carl and takes his weapon away. Negan is impressed with Carl, and decides not to kill him. Negan instead takes Carl under his wing (sort of) and takes Carl on a grand tour of his kingdom. The first place they stop is Negan’s harem. Dwight and Daryl bring Negan a platter of food, which Negan makes Carl carry around. Negan reminds Dwight that the other Saviors have to eat their vegetables.

After some talking, Negan discovers something he doesn’t like and just like that, it’s time to mete out some justice. It seems a certain Savior named Mark has been bad and needs some education. This is where the speech comes from that we hear as the voice over on this preview.

“We survived. We provide security. We bring civilization back to this world. Rules are what make it all work. There is always a cost. We are The Saviors.”

That’s not the entire speech, of course, but it is a nice teaser. After the full speech is concluded, Negan forces Dwight to help him press a red-hot iron to Mark’s face (which is how Dwight got his scars).

That bit of business done, Negan takes Carl to his room and makes him take off his bandage. That’s right. We get to see a great piece of FX on Carl’s face. Then, comes the titular speech that Negan gives to Carl where Carl is made to sing to Negan. The song is, “You Are My Sunshine,” and Carl doesn’t really appreciate when Negan starts belittling his wound and swinging Lucille around. In fact, Carl starts to cry a bit.

Contrary to some rumors, Carl isn’t killed in this episode, so fans can breathe a little easier. Negan actually decides to take Carl back to Alexandria. Unfortunately, Rick and Aaron are out scavenging. That sign that you see the two of them climbing over in the preview? The one that says, “Keep Going. Only thing here 4 you is trouble.”? That leads to a houseboat in the middle of a lake with weapons and supplies. Unfortunately, there are walkers surrounding it. So, Rick and Aaron have a lot of work before they can retrieve the goods.

Back in Alexandria, Negan gets to meet Judith for the first time and he takes quite a liking to her as he sits there sipping lemonade with Carl as Rosita, Eugene, and Spencer come back from their scavenging trip.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan in The Walking Dead [Image by AMC]

So, that’s the majority of what happens when episode 7 of The Walking Dead season 7 airs on Sunday. There’s a major development with Daryl that happens that we aren’t going to spoil here, but it’s huge. And what happens in this episode means that episode 8 is going to have quite a lot happening in it when it airs on December 11, 2016. Of course, just because you know what’s going to happen doesn’t mean that you aren’t going to watch, right? If nothing else, seeing Carl’s eye is going to be worth the price of admission alone.

[Featured Image by AMC]