June 29, 2017
Newt Gingrich Mocks Mitt Romney Dinner With Donald Trump: 'Mitt Romney Is Sucking Up'

The Donald Trump transition to officially become president of the United States is starting to be as wacky as his campaign trail. In what is now coined as the "Billionaires Club" by CNN, Trump has quite the wealthy allies to join his presidential team.


Here are his Cabinet members so far, per am New York.

Treasury Secretary: Steven Mnuchin, former Goldman Sachs employee and Hollywood movie producer

Secretary of Commerce: Wilbur Ross, billionaire investor and businessman

Deputy Secretary of Commerce: Todd Ricketts, co-owner of the 2016 MLB Champions Chicago Cubs

Transportation Secretary: Elaine Chao, former labor secretary under George W. Bush

Secretary of Health and Human Services: Tom Price, 6th Congressional District Georgia Representative

Administrator of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services: Seema Verma, CEO of healthcare policy consulting company SVC, Inc.

White House Counsel: Don McGahn, partner at law firm Jones Day and former chairman of the Federal Election Commission

Deputy National Security Adviser: K.T. McFarland, previous aide to former National Security Adviser and Secretary of State Henry Kissinger

Secretary of the Department of Education: Betsy DeVos, chairman of nonprofit organization the American Federation for Children

Ambassador of the United Nations: Nikki Haley, Governor of South Carolina

CIA Director: Mike Pompeo, 4th Congressional District Kansas Representative

Attorney General: Jeff Sessions, Alabama Senator

National Security Adviser: Michael Flynn, former director of the Defense Intelligence Agency

Chief Strategist and Counselor: Steve Bannon, former head of news site Breitbart

Chief of Staff: Reince Priebus, Republican National Committee chairman

Also, according to the New York Times, Trump is eyeing former Alaska Governor and former presidential nominee Sarah Palin to head the Veterans Affairs.

Although the vacancies for the Cabinet positions are filling up, there is still one major spot that is open: Secretary of State.

Right now, it appears as if that position will go to former Massachusetts Governor and 2012 presidential election runner-up Mitt Romney. As expected, this comes as a shock to many, particularly since Romney spent a great deal of the campaign being vocal about Trump being unfit to hold the position as president, and Trump attacking him by stating, "Don't forget, this guy let us down. [Romney] choked and he let us down."

Former Speaker of the House and presidential candidate Newt Gingrich is not buying the new-found comradery of Trump and Romney based on a few meetings and a dinner to discuss the position.


Mocking the outing, Gingrich shared his thoughts during a recent interview on The Laura Ingraham Show, per Real Clear Politics.

"There's a scene in 'Pretty Women' where Richard Gere goes up to the salesman on Rodeo Drive and says: 'We need a little sucking up here.'"

"You have never, ever, in your career seen a wealthy adult who is independent, has been a presidential candidate, suck up at the rate that Mitt Romney is sucking up."

"I am confident that he thinks now that he and Donald Trump are the best of friends, they have so many things in common. That they're both such wise, brilliant people. And I'm sure last night at an elegant three-star restaurant, he was happy to share his version of populism, which involve a little foie gras, a certain amount of superb cooking, but put that in a populist happy manner."

Perhaps there is still animosity from Gingrich of Romney defeating him during the road to becoming the Republican presidential nominee in 2012, but this level of criticism only further adds to the outrageous level of mudslinging exhibited by many politicians during this presidential campaign.

Regardless of the past issues between the two, it looks as if Trump and Romney are allowing the state of the country come before their dislike for each other, whether if it is "sucking up" or not.

[Featured Image By Evan Vucci/AP Images]