Watch Southwest Florida Eagle Cam Live Streaming Online And See Eaglets Hatch [Video]

Harriet the eagle has returned to the Southwest Florida nest and all eyes are on Dick Pritchett’s live streaming cam to see when eaglets will hatch. First streamed in 2012, the Southwest Florida eagle cam has become a big hit with people watching the eagles Ozzie and Harriet incubate, hatch, and care for their eaglets. Unfortunately, Ozzie succumbed to injuries in 2015, and Harriet has paired with a new mate. According to a report by Reuters, Ozzie passed away in Sept 2015, due to cardiac arrest. Harriet’s new mate is currently referred to as M-15.

Update! As of Dec. 27, 2016, we are on eaglet watch! Check out the live streaming cam above and watch as the eaglets hatch!

In addition to the live streaming video of the Southwest Florida eagle cam, other users continue to document the love story between Harriet and M-15 as well as the new eggs. YouTube user Wskrsnwings has been following Harriet for many seasons and has an extensive playlist featuring Harriet and M. You can see those videos that show the two eagles mating below. On Nov. 22, 2016, the first signs of an egg were spotted in Harriet’s nest.