Boycott Trump App Ranks Among Top 10 In App Store

Updated on December 1 with photos: If you have been displeased with the idea of Donald Trump being the president-elect, get in line with thousands of other Trump resisters and download an app that helps ban him from your life in unexpected ways.

There are currently a multitude of funny Donald Trump apps at the Google Play Store and iTunes, but now there is one in high demand that is much more serious in nature.

Released on November 21, Ad Week described the newly-minted Boycott Trump app and reported that the app was an idea of a Democratic Party Super Pac.

Self-described as “the nation’s largest grassroots anti-Trump organization,” the Democratic Coalition Against Trump claims they are “an arm of Keep America Great PAC and is the nation’s largest grassroots anti-Trump organization, with over 170,000 active supporters.”

Ad Week quoted the Boycott Trump app page stating that targets for banning are obvious choices such as Trump Towers and Trump Steaks. They go on to show Trump’s links to other companies such as Home Depot, Nike, Coors Light, and Gucci.

Behind the scenes screenshots provided by the owners of the Boycott Trump app show a significant increase in downloads. As of November 29, the total app units sales were 66,099. [Image by Nate Lerner]

About 10 days after its release, the Boycott Trump app sent a press release to the media written by the Executive Director, Nate Lerner, of the Democratic Coalition Against Trump. Dated on November 30, Nate Lerner says the Boycott Trump app has more downloads than expected.

After being released for 10 days, Nate Lerner says that there were already 80,000 unique downloads for Boycott Trump at both the Android and iPhone app stores. Nate Lerner also explained that this has placed the Boycott Trump app in the “top 10 most popular lifestyle [category] apps – along with Zillow – for both the iPhone and Android.”

The Boycott Trump app is ranking in the top 10 for downloads for Android’s “lifestyle” category after cPro Craigslist, Bumble and Yellow. [Image by Nate Lerner]

Nate Lerner also stated the following in their November 30 press release about the Boycott Trump app.

“We knew our Boycott Trump app would be popular, but we were shocked to see it competing with established apps like Zillow. Its success is absolutely unprecedented for a political action app. These numbers illustrate the growing demand for a means to take action against Trump… it’s just the first step in a larger, unified Boycott Trump movement that we’re building. The election may be over, but our fight has just begun.”

Jon Cooper, Chairman of the organization responsible for the Boycott Trump app was also quoted in the November 30 press release. Allegedly, Jon Cooper said that the intentions behind the Boycott Trump app was using social media and technology to bring people across America into a unified, grassroots movement that will ultimately hold Donald Trump “accountable.” They also want to hit Trump and his supporters “in their wallets” with the boycott.

Owners of the Boycott Trump app provided data from the Google Play developer console that shows an increase of Android downloads. On November 28, the total was 13,176. [Image by Nate Lerner]

Outside of the Boycott Trump app, independent companies and organizations have decided not to spend their money in Trump’s business empire. For example, FOX News reported on November 17 that Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks, stated that his sports team “made the decision months ago” to not stay at Donald Trump hotels.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, there are also other groups online that are organizing information about bans or boycotts of companies associated with financing Donald Trump inside or outside his presidential campaign.

Grab Your Wallet gives detailed lists along with ways to contact the companies to complain about their association with Donald Trump. DJTR, which stands for “Donald J. Trump Resistance,” focuses on the companies that contributed to his presidential campaign.

These two organizations gained prominence when New Balance was exposed for having donated to all three presidential candidates where it concerns trade.

As it appears, the idea of a Trump-related boycott has been working. Although New Balance gave to Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, and Donald Trump equally for their campaigns because of a trade issue that concerned New Balance, their customers retaliated against their support of Trump with social media pictures of them burning their New Balance tennis shoes.

New Balance has been feeling the brunt from the anti-Trump supporters, but Macy’s got hammered from both sides, according to Biz Journal‘s report from November 18.

The Boycott Trump app provided evidence that they were in the top 10 for downloads on iPhone’s “Lifestyle” category. Ranking at number 8, they are preceded by Bumble, Countdown, Zillow, and Yellow. [Image by Nate Lerner]

Allegedly, Macy’s has been getting dragged through the mud “for Trump-branded merchandise it does – or does not – carry.” Macy’s is being particularly targeted by Grab Your Wallet for carrying Ivanka Trump’s clothing line.

Alternatively, Trump supporters are banning Macy’s due to a request by Donald Trump himself because Macy’s decided to “sever ties with the businessman-turned-politician over his remarks about Mexicans made at the beginning of his campaign.”

Trump supporters have also been boycotting, and Chobani is an example of a targeted business.

According to Business Insider, after the founder of Chobani asked other business tycoons to step up to help refugees in January, “the far-right website WND published a story titled ‘American Yogurt Tycoon Vows to Choke U.S. With Muslims.'”

To download the Boycott Trump app, visit the iPhone and Android websites.

[Featured Image by Mark Lennihan/AP Images]

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